The stun doesn't work as it should

I used my Utasinoraptor’s instant charge and it successfuly stunned my opponent but then their Tanycolagreus made another move right after. How is that even possible? I thought that stunning takes away your opponent’s move for one turn.

Thats because tany is faster than utasino…so the attack from tany is most likely the next turn/move already.

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Exactly, I had a hard time understanding it at the beginning … and sometimes it still surprises me. It is anti intuitive, even if it is correct, that after stuning a rival this one attacks me and kills me.

It is incredible how many people fail to understand this.

Tany is a faster dino than Utasinoraptor.
Utasinoraptor uses Instant Charge which is a priority move.
Tany is stunned and loses turn.
Tany strikes first on next turn.


Instant charge is a priority move but that doesn’t change anything. I know Tany is faster but stunning doesn’t make sense then.

Tany isn’t stunned - it attacks in the next turn
Tany is stunned - it attacks in the next turn as well

Where is the logic here?

Put it this way…

If you have a non priority move dino, lets say Stegoceratops…

Tany vs Stegoceratops

Move 1) Tany strikes then Stegoceratops strikes and stuns Tany
Move 2) Stegoceratops strikes (Tany stunned this turn)
Move 3) Tany strikes, then Stegoceratops strikes.

You can clearly see the turn that Tany missed right???

Tany vs Utasinoraptor

Move 1) Tany “picks” move, Utasinoraptor priority stun causing Tany to be stunned and fails to carry out its selected move.
Move 2) Tany strikes first, Utasinoraptor strikes.

Easier to understand???

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But Tany doesn’t miss the turn from stunning at all. If Instant charge was just a normal move then it would make sense but it isn’t.

So you are telling me that when you priority stun Tany, that the Tany attacks before you get the option to pick another move? If that is the case then that is a bug, but I’ll believe it if I see it in a video as it is too common for people to fail to understand how stuns and priority moves work.

  1. Its tanys turn.
  2. You pick instant charge.
  3. You get a move.
  4. Its tanys turn because it already was tanys turn before you used instant charge.
  5. You got a free move when it wasnt your turn.
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You have more patience than me :slight_smile:

I can pick another move but Tany still attacks right after it was stunned and that is wrong in my view.
Just because instant charge is a free priority move it doesn’t mean successful stunning shouldn’t stun for 1 turn as it usually does.

When tany isn’t stunned, it attacks both this turn and next turn.
When it’s stunned, it misses a turn and only attacks next turn.

So Tany attacks twice if it is not stunned. I didn’t know that.

Any dino attacks once every turn unless it’s stunned or a swap is performed or it dies. Just because you used a priority move doesn’t mean your opponent will miss his turn, you just get to use it before him. Now if the priority move is IC and the stun lands, THEN he misses that move.

Next turn goes normally, whoever is faster goes first.

Wrong, the priority move GUARANTEES stun.

The only thing wrong here is your view.

I don’t know how many times to explain it in a step by step process.

Move 1)

Picking attacks
Tany PICKS attack
Utas PICKS attack

Carrying out attacks
Utas attacks first with priority and guaranteed stun for 1 turn.
Tany is STUNNED FOR 1 TURN which is this turn because Tany has NOT yet attacked.

Turn 2)

Tany is no longer stunned because the turn they were stunned for was THE FIRST TURN!

I replied but the moderation auto-hid it. Wait till it appears, but I can’t explain it any more simpler!

It used to, now it’s 75%.

Ah wasn’t aware of that. Last time I use the JWA wiki, best stick to Meta.

It doesn’t attack twice in one go if not stunned… it goes like this…

Turn 1)
Utatsin priority attack, stun fails
Tany attacks

Turn 2)
Tany attacks
Utasin attacks.