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The stun Feature clarity

So the stun feature, I find it pointless and don’t really understand it’s function as it is now, how does it work with the percentages in correlation to the opponent being stunned AND missing a turn?

lets say you have a creature with 66% stun rate, is that purely 66% rate to stun for that turn and THEN there’s another percentage rate to decide whether the opponent misses a turn? I dont understand it surely if you get the stun they get the miss of the turn too or all it does is have them bow there head for 4 seconds and fine for the next move, which actually works in their favour for many scenarios, lets give an example, your facing say Thor, he’s faster, you use 100% stun, Thors pressed Fierce impact that wouldn’t kill you, The stun hits and boom Thors head is swinging round like a pendulum, suddenly some earie music comes on and Thors head then swings up like the Undertaker in a 1980s horror film ready for round 2 where he can unleash his rampage that does kill you? I dont see the point surely that stun if effective should make him miss the turn so you can deliver some damage before he takes you out? Surely stun should be just that, a tool to use against a faster more powerful opponent so you can get some damage done? all stun seems to do is make them look down and check there laces are tied before doing you in the next round. How does the miss a turn factor tie in as its success rate for that factor on a 100% stun is closer to 1%?

Also, that little scenario i typed out above, play it out in your head, had me laughing whilst typing it.

theres no percentage to decide if you get stunned and miss another turn. it depends on speed.
If you’re slower than the creature using a stun attack, you’ll only be stunned for the current turn as it will be your next action after that. But if you’re faster, you’ll be stunned until your next action passes, which would be next turn.


If you’ve chosen a move but you get stunned before executing it, meaning you didn’t get to use it, you’ve lost a turn. If you got your move off and then got stunned right after (in the same turn), you haven’t lost anything yet, so you lose your next turn. Its the same number of turns either way.


ah i get it now! thanks guys. I thought it was just at random they miss a turn i get it now.