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The survey results need to be scrapped and done again

  1. Many, many, many people were unable to access the survey. The results do not reflect the opinions of the vast majority.

  2. People can vote AS MANY TIMES AS THEY WANT. This is unfair for hopefully obvious reasons. There needs to be some sort of restriction for voting times.


Yep definitely can’t vote

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Its fine some else voted atleast twice for you.

Any other company i wouldnt even believe this stuff… did they start serving the Le Ludia during office hours.


You can vote multiple times? I wonder if it replaces your old answers, but more likely it just gets added since you don’t actually have to sign in to show who you are.

I just lol’d and got sad at the same time because you’re right. Someone else is out there voting for me lol


I think it just counts as another entry meaning 100% biased results

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I meant to say that in my first reply but I couldn’t quite say it right :sweat_smile:

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Could not access the survey at all. Looks like the site was crashed

I was able to get to it by physically typing in the URL.

I tried again this evening and I still can’t get in. I would have liked to have voted on this survey too. :pensive:

There really should be a do-over for this.

Agreed i couldn’t even access the dumb stuff

Agreed, the survey is now meaningless, because you can vote as many times as you want.

No doubt some have stuffed the ballot box.

Can’t access it.

Also from what I saw from screenshots in news tread, this survey is very badly designed. They force you to chose an option you don’t like, cause there is no “non of the above” option.

Seriously… a survey that many cannot access? A very important survey.

Real nice. No wonder the game sucks on so many levels.


Not sure why some cannot access this. I can do the survey from Facebook link and from the game itself.

Works for me.

I tried accessing it from Facebook and the game, and on Chrome (mobile browser) and Firefox (PC browser). Constant errors.

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It’s capped at level 20


Its ok those of us that can access it can do it multiple times.

Thats how Ludias balance works.


I am glad I am not the only one that noticed that. Of course I only did it once because I am a man of integrity and honor.

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I physically put in “” and it worked for me. It is simple and yet here we are with the overdramatic approach.