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**The System to make sure you don't buy stuff on accident**


For me I love playing this game but I can not tell you how many times I
restarted this game because I just simply didn’t want to spend Dino Bux. I
think people are like me that wants to play the thorough without spending
any Dino Bux and if they want okay. Please add a system or mini update to
make sure you want to buy something in Dino Bux because one time I slightly
tap the Dino Bux and I bought the damn thing. All I want is a system
implemented to make sure whatever you are going to buy you need to double
check like “Are you sure you want to buy this with Dino Bux, yes or no.”
Something like that I would love to play this without spending Dino Bux
redownload it so please do this and give an update on the game to me. Please everyone make this at the top of the forum. Free2play.

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I agree because afraid of purchasing anything by accident


Meh, I’m a dinobucks saver and I rarely, if never, have this problem.

I’m up to 100,000 dino bucks. I actually had 130,000 but I spent like 50,000 on the new year card packs to get the tournament dinos.

Unless you mean using IRL money to buy dinobucks accidentally. Maybe it might be because I’m on iOS and I get prompts before I buy anything (which I don’t).


Look for me on Android it is different because I was tapping to many times then I bought something, another I was moving around the map and I slightly tap the purchase land with Dino Bux and went through without any popup or message. Regardless they need to implement that so even the slightest taps or touch won’t work unless you agree with pay Dino Bux or disagree and you don’t spend any Dino Bux.


When I am really tiered and playing I will sometimes acedently speed something up with Dino bucks, fall asleep almost and accedently drop my finger on something that spends the Dino bucks but like @OstaposaurusBae says if I ever click on something that actually cost real money I always get prompted with a second confirmation. There is no reason for a second confirmation on spending Dino bucks as it would be overly cumbersome since you can use them to speed up so many things in the game. Yes there is a value to them but knowing there is no 2nd confirmation for using them I just choose to be more aware and careful when I am clicking near them. If I do click on something I didn’t intend to I make a mental note to be more careful next time, this is not Ludia’s Problem it is mine for clicking on something I didn’t intend to.

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I mean, I agree that you could possibly spend the bux accidentally, but that’s akin to life.

I mean, we’re at the point now where you don’t have to sign when using a credit card, or even enter in your pin on a debit card (still, most places do).

I guess it just comes down to be careful what you’re doing.

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