The T-rex IS Rexy

Everyone loves Rexy. Everyone wants Rexy to be in the game. But haven’t you noticed? The scars on the t-rex already in JWA is the same as rexy. Oh my. I just gave away an easter egg, I think!


Then why is it called Tyrannosaurus rex?!?!

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because its a easter egg. why would they give it away?

and you probably haven’t looked at it sooooooooooooooo closely that yours eyes probably fell out LOL

I see them but can u explain why the tarbosaurus also has scars?! (And also don’t spam)


There seem to be no sign of scaring based off of the in game model of T. Rex. What you’re looking at is probably skin wrinkles on the Rex. Plus, the two are significantly different from one another.

Brighter brown, lack of scarring, differing head shape.

Darker Brown, visible scars and injuries, and a longer, less blocky head shape.


That T. rex is NOT Rexy
No scars, too light, wrong head shape