The Team That Makes my Opponents Give Up

Every time I put a team together with Ardentis and Gemini on it, my opponents seem to give up and put their devices down. I guess I just can’t be running teams like this. 100% Immune to go with today’s strike towers.

I got Ardentis, Magna, Gemini and Ardonto in one draw. That’s a guaranteed win against the boosted team I fought. I got to play the AI my first battle against level 24 and 25 boosted creatures and won.

My Team 20200312


I got way higher Gemini and Ardentis, they don’t give up in my case, they bring huge Erlidom/Thor/IndoG2. Then again I’m in library.

Mine are higher level also; my opponents don’t give up even when I draw both. Sometimes they even win. :upside_down_face: