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The thieves guild gets no more blood from me

Obviously you want players to p2p, but what do we get for it? So i can spend $3-4,000 that’s not a big deal. After all who doesn’t want to skip low level farming and go straight to end game farming? What can I farm is my *** question, exp is a joke, secret rooms are a joke, d20 roles are a joke mostly. Someone needs to ask what is the point of our game? As far as I can see there isn’t a point besides selling cards for money. In game playing to farm them and exp is a joke. The only positive thing about pvp is that a match cant last for hours, and losers can’t drag it out not taking an action. Loading one on the other hand sure seems like it. Especially after a really nasty should never have been pitted against player. When it finally loads, Congratulations!!! its the same player 3 levels above you that just killed you 2 times in row before. What a joke… or we can go into the countless matches of can’t move, can’t attack, dominated, etc. Right up to the fire killing my last guy, never even get a hit in. That’s happened more then once, more then enough times to make it a problem not just bad luck. This update just made a problem area worse. Thank you very much for stealing thousands from me with false promises of a playable D&D game. however, simply naming characters and items off of D&D books DOES NOT make it D&D. How about taking some of that stolen loot and using it to pay a writer to create some lore and an engaging story, adding lore to all items would be a start. More writing for the quests, and be able to read the whole story after finishing it up. This whale going to go find a ship worth being caught by. A ship that knows they have to provide entertainment in return, not just more expensive vr items.

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Wow, Ludia, Y’all Really Need To Take That Thought And Run With It, And Give It It Some Consideration!!! That’s Deep @Tyr !

I am sure Ludia thanks you for your sizable contribution.

For future reference PvP in these games largely exists to drive player spending. I’ve never spent money on the game, and while I am fairly high up in the rankings, I am nowhere near the top. Leveling up weapons just happens too infrequently for a F2P player to keep up with legendary gear vs a P2W player such as yourself. Now if you’d spent say $30000 to $40000 I am sure you could be the top P2W and PvP player on this game. If you can’t afford to spend on that level, then why spend anything? It won’t make you number one, and you didn’t earn it anyways. You’d basically just be some regular guy wearing stilts to play basketball. The stilts deserve the acclaim not you. Anyways not trying to be rude, and I hate that you did spend all that money only to find out you didn’t spend enough to be the top PvP player. Try to ignore PvP in the future because it pretty much only exists to force people to spend money if they want to be the top. I am sure the forthcoming guild mechanics will ratchet that up in this game as well.

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Wow, Horke :star_struck:
Looks Like We’re Going To Have To Have Judge Judy Come Up In This Piece!!! :+1:

Da Da Da, Danut Daunt, Symbols, Symbols
Da, Da Dua Dua Dent Daunt, Symbols, SymbolsTa Du Dent Ta Da Dunt …
This Is The People’s Court :joy::angry::joy::+1::star_struck:

LOL Love Ya Ludia, But This Is Too Much!!! :joy::grinning:

lol, and thanks for the replies.

I probably should have left pvp for a separate post. If they’d take the chests out of it, I’d never open it up. I feel devs should make games to play, not just some new visual environment for the same old pvp nonsense. It is there with rewards so it gets farmed by most. I’m happy using my mostly epic gear, most of my legendary gear is still low level and came from the direct buy packs/sales or renown packs. I only pulled a couple pieces from pay packs. It’s not about gear to me, its about wasting relaxation time playing a game. This game is so unbalanced when it comes to farming with just time, that it is a joke. With a max level limit of 20, maybe its not even that farming is so handicapped. It is that exp from gear is way to good. All i know is I’m where I spent to get, 90% of the time I get 2 dice from mind flayers. Depending on rooms 7 and 8 might get a third. Nayeli is level 13 to open her level 15 room I can
a) drop some change, drop some more change on the repeat buyer specials
b) 181,000exp / 181 exp to complete harvestshield mountain. 1,000 runs later minus some exp from cards.
The point isn’t to own all gear, the point is to play and farm. 1,000 needed runs is taking it past what is bearable tedious rinse and repeat. considering you have to do it for 9 characters and only 4 can make the runs.

The devs are missing the point between balancing buying power through cards and farming some power through actual exp fighting not just shopping. If you cant grow just putting in time why play? or maybe I missed the point and the point was to farm the first 10 levels then delete app?

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Y’all Really Need To Give This Some Thought Ludia!
Mr. @Tyr Has Got A Very Good Point !

Always called her travesty of justice Judy myself - forgot the evidence make decisions based on your gut :wink: (not that she’s probably not right most of the time).

A glaring sign of decay of the foundations of western democracy :slight_smile:

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