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The things I have done

For alliance missions. Darting every Diplocaulus in range even though I truly hate that little green frog lizard. :laughing:

What have you done to try and help your team reach maximum level, that you might have not done pre 1.6?


Einiosaurs :joy:

I’m a promiscuous darter. I shoot every thing. But to help team I’ve taken to doing extra battles which resulted in me getting into higher arena.


I will gladly take diplo dna…im probably the only player that loves that thing!

Yup me too! About 80% of the dinos i’ve darted at home have been this fella, normally i wouldn’t bother.

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Yarp - darting everything now, even the Einiosaurs; and spinning all supply drops within range of my desk every 15 minutes (mostly) - 7 within range :slight_smile:

Same, freaking Einiosaurus

Almost broke 100k of nunda and majun. I cringe when I hit the launch button lol.