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The Third Wheel (triple counterpart discussion)

Okay, I think by this point most everyone knows that Milena, Ana, and Ruby are triple counterparts. Everyone thought Ruby would be paired with Julia, but with the cgs it made it clear that wasn’t to be. Now with the addition of Charlie Nyygard, I think I figured it out.

Ruby was supposed to be with Julia. They had their own storyline, but it was scrapped. They shoehorned Ruby in with Milena and Ana, and I hypothesize Julia will be a late addition to the Samantha/Ayesha storyline. Charlie also probably had the beginnings of a story, but he was just put in with Jake and Zayn instead. Which, if you’re already money/gems deep with one of those two, it’s definitely a shame someone new was added you can never pair with.

So personally? Not super thrilled with them adding a third to old storylines, unless they give the option of restarting/gem refunds for the line you’re currently on. Definitely wouldn’t want to have to delete and start all over for someone you never even got a chance with.

But I do love the game and storylines and haven’t personally spent money yet, so overall I’m still happy with the game! Its beautiful and very thought out, and I cant wait to see more! I just worry this means they’re getting lazy and we shouldn’t expect a lot more new stories.


It is more than a major disappointment that they’re doing this, three of the same storylines just screams of laziness along with being unfair to older players not having these same locked storylines with a different appearance being locked behind an “update”.

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I’m glad I like Ana the most of the three and I like Zayn well enough, but I may have gone with Charlie had I known he’d be shoved into the group that shares that storyline. Oh well.

But yeah, I agree. There’s very strong evidence that Ruby was meant to be paired with Julia and Charlie with someone else (I’m forgetting the guy’s name). I don’t know why the decision was made to have those two made to be a third option for a storyline when there’s never any dialogue changes between counterparts for a shared storyline. The only thing that would’ve needed manual editing would be the CGs. But the poses and expressions in them are the same as well, so it wouldn’t have been any major revisions.

It seems like the same amount of work to make Ruby and Charlie be a third sharer of their storylines than to link them to Julia’s and the other guy’s respectively because of this. Thus, I’m not sure I’d say it was lazy rather than it gives the impression that the dev team was possibly feeling rushed and scrambled to make two more characters available by tacking them onto existing storylines that already have two characters sharing each one. Still not a good impression to give, and I’m disappointed by the decision – though I’m sure the dev team had their reasons even if I may not agree with what I can only guess they were – and hope it doesn’t become a recurring theme often. I hope Julia isn’t given the same treatment as she was one I really wanted to match with later.

i agree…i dont really like how they’re adding 3 counterparts :frowning:

I wouldn’t mind having 3 options to choose from if I could actually choose. Late additions when I’m already locked into matches and can’t trade them for a new face is what bothers me about it. I wish I knew about counterparts before I spent money on gems.

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