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The Thoradolosaur is is a very nice super hybrid but very bad

the thoradolosaur is a very nice super hybrid but very bad in pvp and tournaments and the stat increases do not help him because in the arenas he faces equally boosted creatures and loses very quickly even rare creatures can beat him they should improve it a little

I’d say give it some armor and take off some attack. Making it more like Allosino sounds like a decent idea, since AS really shouldn’t be outclassing Thor.


Exactly it should be something like an improved allosino which is what it is supposed to be

Con este buff se conserva la idea de ser como un allosino pero mejor en las raids


Sure, it might be better for raids, but this really jumpstarts the Nitro Thor issue.

Translated from Spanish

With this buff the idea of being like an allosino but better in raids is preserved

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It would be a 50/50 because there are creatures that exceed nitro thor in speed like erlikospyx that could tear it to pieces

My rework of thoradolosaur
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That would be a nerf rather than an improvement and it is too slow, my option is designed to be better in pvp and raids like stigidaryx.


Ur change to their seems a bit much to me, like @Saurophaganax18 said, this will add onto the nitro thor issue, and I dont think it should really have a cleanse, the instant charge is already bad enough for the cunnings, this will just make them less viable against a creature they should counter. And might I ask since when is daryx a raid viable creature?


You did not understand, I mean the raid of oryx being able to purify the bleeding to the companions

Thor nitro’s problem can be countered with a gorgotrebax

Not everyone in low aviary have access to it


I honestly think thor is a really good hybrid for a unique

So a gen 2 indoraptor, erlikospyx, erlidominus, or pouckandactylus

You want to give Thor a damage increase, a speed increase, armor, a cleansing move and speed immunity? Yeah, no.

@Saurus14 is on the right track with what Thor needs


The cleansing is probably the resilients job in a raid, not a fierce, this buff would make it more chaotic in the arena and more of a problem

I said rework not buff.

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This may or may not be OP for raids tho


Thor doesn’t need armour. Thor has had it’s time, it’s the dino that time forgot and for good reason.

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