The thrill of seeing an Epic is lost if it does not add to your team


Before i got my team rounded out, months ago i woulda jumped out for this guy. Now i cant even be bothered. I curse every Concave that could have been a sino/kentro and every secodonto that could have been an ourano. Hardly ever see anky these days too since 1.5, but rajasaurus are an unwelcome pest lol


I saw a brachiosaurus a few weeks ago and didn’t even bother to turn around to get it.


Secondo … I’ve passed on dozens


Man i wish all epics we saw were the ones we wanted :rofl:


i’m of a mind that everything will get a hybrid one day, so if i see something, i dart something.


If the recent updates have taught me anything, it’s that


I totally understand and agree lol. But where my team is at now, it would have to be a seriously good unique/legendary for me to spend the coins req to get it to level 23 at the least… this game is stingy with resources and thats the biggest problem once you hit endgame


i have 12 dinos over 23, so i definitely feel your evolution pain, but i will continue to sit on this 12K of concaventor dna, and hope for a brighter future, where coins are flowing, and beautiful useful hybrids are being created.


I hate that this could have been ourano DNA psa if you live in zone 2 do not use epic scents you will just get majority this guy!

My ourano stores for comparison. Most of these 2 from way too many epic scents!!! Like 17 dollars aud for completely useless epic and light drizzle of the DNA I bought them to bring out(i ignore secondo unless I have paid for it in a scent BTW)


Damn forum don’t like truth lool edit a single word automodded


But basically proof that the non fusable epics have higher spawn rate to block the epics we want from spawning using recent gains with epic scents as basis