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The time for repercussions is now!

People have had multiple chances to not expliot bugs.

There chances have run out!
Its time they where dealt with.


It should be an easy task to single out those that took advantage this time. There definately needs to be consequences. It’s a shame to put it mildly.

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Its a joke,
They openly talk about knowing its an expliot and say they are still doing it…

There’s no rules anymore.

Just give everyone free unlimited boosts.

See how all the people bought them feel about it then…


I know that this is not the time for jokes and all that, but the mere thought of that made me lol in real life. :sunglasses:


I was trying to think of the funniest way to annoy the exploiters…:joy::joy:




Wait, what exploit? Has there been another since the reset? Edit: LOL nevermind I see a giant thread

Planned exploit, that’s my personal opinion.


Yep, been calling the boosts predatory since they were announced, as if coins weren’t bad enough. It’s all about taking advantage of people with addictions to things like this, you can spend 600 dollars and make very little progress, or you can buy 10 tripleA games which all have much more effort put in. It’s all about that dopamine rush, same thing EA tried with battlefront 2 loot boxes but thankfully the playerbase revolted. For these guys, not even loot boxes are enough, we can literally buy straight up power


The predatory anti-consumer practices have been a big thing ever since loot boxes were implemented the first time to a game. Most mobile games are the ones who take heavy advantage of this but alot of console/pc game developers do the same thing. Its gambling for the most part and alot of people have gambling addictions, companies feed off of that so its no surprise that Ludia would dive hard into it as well. I believe here in the US a governor is proposing a bill that will stop loot boxes and things of the sort from being available to people, especially those that are under 18. I would totally be ok with this, I’m absolutely exhausted over every game trying to do this now. CoD, Bethesda, EA, its all so annoying because there is massively great potential in all of these games being made and they’re all being ruined by the “beta” sticker and loot box systems.


Yep, hopefully laws are passed because this shit needs the same regulations as any other legalized gambling, I should have taken a look at Ludia’s other literal slot machine gambling games before even picking up JWA, because now I’m addicted to it and as much as I want to quit it’s hard


There are a few countries who already banned loot boxes due to them being “gambling” although game companies are fighting it saying its not. I mean ludia is the company running the Jurassic park builder games and some of the “offers” there were absolutely ridiculous. $100 for 1 dino you want. Insane that they continue to get away with it because people will give in and buy it. Thats why i love indie games, im so upset that xbox did away with all the small time developer indie games because they were absolutely fun and none of this bs was present in most of them. Spend $2-$5 and you have a great, fun, wholesome game that isn’t after your wallet.


That’s why I’ll be going to Harry Potter when it comes out. This game went down the toilet a while ago. I only like the mission aspect of it at this point.


The game won’t survive much longer at this rate. VIP will dry up, boosts are so broken that 75% of the players hate them. And Lydia keeps trying to make :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag: in the shop no matter what we say.


I’m real curious why people are still even spending money on this game, but I guess there’s one born every minute. Maybe some of them just have a ton of disposable income to waste keeping their pixel dinos meaner than everyone else’s. Maybe they have an undiagnosed condition. I don’t know. But like… them keeping buying this stuff is only ruining everything for everyone. If people really did just stop spending money on it, and play to play and not to crush the hopes and dreams of others, things might actually change.

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Things weren’t always so tilted based on spend. I used to only ever purchase OTOs (which in hindsight was not my best moment ever) but boosts make progress directly equal to what kind of a player what’s to start

They’re milking it for all its worth before new ‘tyrant tier’ licences like Harry Potter and Minecraft Earth chomp the market share and all their DAU’s like an overboosted Thor would.

If it was your company you would be too or you wouldn’t have a company in the first place… :slight_smile:

Honestly, i could care less for harry potter right now… not a huge fan of the license though i dont dislike it and niantic ar has a history of leaving rural players with nothing to do.

Minecraft Earth on the other hand as my attention… 1.14 actually has me and the kids playing minecraft almost daily again.

R. I. P Grumpy Cat :crying_cat_face:


You expect to have a company that has historically proven incompetence to uphold their rules? Pretty sure if they attempt that we will be left with radioactive material -_-!