The timeout glitch in jurassic world alive


Ludia, please help me. With the new update you’ve realeased, there have been a load of fixes in the android version. Before, sometimes the game didn’t want to open and all the time the game crashed while battling in the arena. Now, after these problems were fixed and I thought I could finally play some dino battles, a few days later the game constantly tells me that the machmaking has timed out after just a few seconds after pressing the bătălie button. Please fix this problem. I can still collect dinosaurs, but it is a lot harder without getting bonus dna from incubators and getting a lot less darts without them. If you see this and fix the problem, I will be eternally grateful. Also, I have tried deleting and reinstaling the game, but it stil doesn’t work, stil not working after a few days…


Our team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix! :grinning:

Thank you for your patience!


With the update on 22, google play says that my phone version is too old for the game which it sin’t, it says I need android 4.4 and I have android 5. Plus, only if I search on google and then to redirect me to the google play page I can find the game, otherwise, if I search on google play “jurassic world alive” or jurassic world", it will only show jurassic world the game which constantly crashes for me, as well as jurassic park bilder which does as well. I don’t know what is happening, but I’ll anctiousely wait to resee my dino roster in jurassic world alive (which was your first dino game that didn’t crash). Hope you’ll fix these problems as I can’t wait


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