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The Titus exhibition

Today my girlfriend and her best friend treated me to a day out to Hollaton Hall near Nottingham. The is a new exhibit showcasing Titus, the first Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton to be on display in the UK for over a hundred years.

They staff did a lovely talk about him and the injuries he had sustained, mainly almost having his tail ripped off by another larger Tyrannosaurus. There’s also some evidence that he may have suffered something similar to tuberculosis.


My girlfriend wouldn’t let me play JWA while we were there but she did have an encounter all of her own though. :t_rex:

A great day out. I believe the exhibit runs for a few more months so if you are in the UK and near Nottingham I recommend checking it out.


Thanks for sharing those pictures with us, Colin_Goodman! Reminds me of the museum I went to in Boston.


Wow. Looks like a Kronosaurus?

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Yes, I think you are right. :smiley:

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Oh! I think I’ve been there before as well! One of the Harvard museums, right?

It is a Kronosaurus, yep.