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The top 10 broken creatures in JWA History

That’s right. I’m not just gonna do a top 10 for 2.0, imma do a top 10 involving any creature from any update!

10 1.4 Monomimus. In this era monomimus was just ridiculous. It’s health was insane, at the time dodging was 100%, so it literally never died… @Ardens could tell you all about how annoying it was, luckily I never had to face it, but sadly I did have to face 9…

9 1.10 had without a doubt the most ridiculous procerathomimus there is. Take everything I said about monomimus, and go even more extreme. This has a 75% chance to dodge, and has a rampage, double distract, faster… what an annoying thing!

8 1.3 Stegodeus. I mean, this one Dino and superiority Strike put raptors to an end. It had Armour Piercing Rampage, and was super bulky. It was even good in 1.2! Edit: Entelomoth is in this place aswell. It’s a monster, and deserves to be here aswell.

7 1.2 Pyroraptor. I mean, velociraptor was the one pointed to, but Pyroraptor was the best. It had Pounce, which at the time was a nuke, it also wasn’t as frail, and it had gashing Wound, which destroyed tanks. I will mention velociraptor and utahraptor tho. Velociraptor was the fastest and utahraptor was pretty bulky for a raptor. You could make a case for all 3 of them.

6 I’m gonna have to mention our current rulers (Yes this is a tie)… 2.0 Tryko And Maxima! What can I say, their all bulky, offensive powerhouses that are countered pretty much only by bleed. Their a mix of fierce and resilient, and are just so insane…

5 1.7 Dracoceratops… you could just swap in and pull of a Shattering Rampage and then regenerate out. Over and over, it’s just ridiculous, we all hated It.

4 I’m gonna talk about Indoraptor Gen2… in 1.10 when dodge got buffed, because this is when cautious Strike cleansed, And IndoG2 didn’t get a stat nerf. It used to have Defence Shattering Rampage too! Cautious Strike is also stupid…

3 were getting to the big boys… it’s a tough call and you could make a case for any of them but I’m going to start off with 1.14 Geminititan. Immune 6000 health tank with lots of damage? That’s too far, complain about 2.0 Maxima all ya want but this? Remember this? Come on.

In my 2nd spot… 1.9 prenerf smilonemys is a monster, high Health, good Attack, Armour at 50%… it’s powerful… but since this is before it got the nerf, it had 1500 Attack… and even more health! It’s got a good kit, and overall… MONSTER! Glad nobody got their hands on this version. And ludia came to their senses and realised it was too powerful. Post Nerf isn’t that bad, but still op. Still would be in the top 10.

Time for honourable mentions: 1.2 Indoraptor, 1.4 Utarinex, 1.7 Thoradolosaur And 1.5 Spinotasuchus!
And in my opinion the most broken Dino in JWA history is…

1.13 Mammolania… inhale! Stupid! High attack, armour and attack, decent speed, it has a Ferocity boosted definite Rampage you can’t distract. You will face the rampage from this monster, it terrorised the arena.

Now I’d like to say a lot of these are interchangeable, like the top 4. But I tried my best. What do you think is the most insane in jwa history?


10.I agree
9.I agree too. Even worse than 10., because Monomimus was at least a legendary
8.I don’t agree. Stegod was alwayd countered by chompers. The only broken thing was SS that cleansed everything
7.Pyro didn’t have Gashing Wound. He had much weaker Wounding Impact. The strongest raptor always has been Blue. But I agree raptor meta was very broken
6.I agree. Overboosted Maximas are very annoying, but fortunately bleedable.
5.Wrrr, stupid rat. Nothing to argue about
4.One correction, he used to have Definite Rampage, not only DSR. 1.9 Indo G2 was imo the most broken thing JWA ever seen. In 1.14 he wasn’t that strong anymore, but still broken
3.I agree he was much worse even than current Maxima. People seem to forget it for some reason
2.I bet no one created him fast enough to see that power in action. The nerf was just after update. But extremely broken indeed
1.It seems unpopular to think that old Lania was the most broken creature ever. But actually I find it true. Nothing to add, deserves 1st place.

But Moth was extremely broken too. He must be somewhere in this list. At least in Stegod’s place


1.2 indoraptor was the most broken creature in the game, undisputed hands down. It had cloak instead of evasive stance, plus the usual moveset pre 2.0. It beats 99%of every creature that ever existed in jwa. Oh and it was immune to


The funny thing is, people were angry about Gemini while I was taking them down easily (even took down one that had 9k hp). Then Ludia decided to come up with this 2-turn 3-attack absorbing instant invincibility for Maxima, and take away most of the good bleeders. I’d take the old Gemini over this Maxima build if I were to face them.

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There is a lot wrong with this list. The biggest thing is that entelomoth was NOWHERE. Entelomoth was probably worse than 1.13 mammolania as mammolania just struggled to set up. Phorasaura and monostego would easily swap in and out on it and just wear it down. I agree that mammolania is probably on this list, it’s not that high


You would have thot dracocerat was more powerful to everything but enetlemoth. It would swap in do 4,000 damage if you boosted it, regenerate and leave, and do it over again.

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Dracocera was good against speedsters, but it could easily be baited out and then erlidom just walks in and gets a free kill


Not to mention dodge was 100% damage reduction if it missed

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What about first version of Tuora it used to be so busyed that they had to nerf it to the ground.

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Forgot about turo. It had the biggest damage nerf in history if my memmory serves me correct, although the mammoth hybrids may have lost more

Alright I think entelomoth deserves to be here. I’m tying it with stegodeus.

Entelomoth was better than geminititan back in 1.14, it should be much higher. And Indo with cloak should be too


Diloracheirus was one as well ( for me at least )

Just simply WELL DONE JurassicWolf!!! Love the fact that you took the time to specify each updates number! Brings back memory! If I had to nitpick one thing, it would be that you only gave an honorable mention to Thor, while basically, 1.7 was the Rat/Thor era (not just the Rat…)… It was named “who has the most boosted Thor era”… But still, you’re getting a 99.5% from me!


“1.14 Geminititan. Immune 6000 health tank with lots of damage? That’s too far, complain about 2.0 Maxima all ya want but this? Remember this? Come on.”

How was it worse? Current Maxima HAS the same 6000 health (which was claimed as THE main problem with Gemini back then), two 2X damage attack with a base 1300 dmg, and to top it all, 15% Armor and 30% crit that Gemini never had… (and sure enough, since it was so easy to make Maxima before they made Brachio exclusive, it’s now always higher level than any Gemini was back then…

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Yea this was hard to make… Thor I only gave an honourable mention because everyone boosted it to the moon in 1.7

Old Gemini was better than current Maxima.

  • Damage?
    In terms of pure numbers, Maxima is slightly better indeed. 5200 in two turns. Gemini had 4900. The difference is DSA was unblockable and shielded. I’ll take that over 300 damage.
    Also Maxima’s GDR has 2 cd. Sometimes makes a difference.
  • Survivability?
    Maxima’s advantages are 15% armor and 2 turn II.
    Gemini’s advantages are DSA, which is a very powerful offensive move that shields you every 2 turns, and ID, which is more useful even than 2 turn II imo. II is mainly useful against speedsters. But they can/could both defeat speedsters without problem. They struggle/d against chompers. And ID is much more useful against these

Gemini was also fully immune. Ardmax is bleedable. It makes a huge difference. If new Ardmax was fully immune, she would probably be comparable to old Gemini in terms of strength. But she’s not, rapidly increasing the number of her counters


who remembers the spinotah meta?


Ahh… Distracting Rampage without delay…

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Ahh yes back when rinex was feared by all along with Dilorach