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The Top 100 Teams Three Months On

Back in January I posted some details on the top 100 players’ team compositions. With apexes becoming more prevalent now, let’s compare teams 3 months on (note, these are not necessarily the same teams)…

The biggest winner is Ceramagnus. It’s already in a staggering 83% of the top 100 teams (including all of the top 30), having not been unlocked by anyone back in January. Demonstrating just how powerful it is, most are level 26 or 27 and holding their own in a sea of level 30 uniques.

In contrast, Hadros Lux has struggled to find a place on teams with only 23% including it on their roster. Mortem was already in 31% of teams back in January and that has almost doubled since. Gorgotrebax is the newest apex and features in just one team, although this may change as more players unlock and level it.

Many creatures have seen declines as shiny new apexes replace them. The biggest loser is long-time arena darling, Magnapyritor. It has gone from being on 81% of teams down to fewer than half (45%), almost certainly a consequence of the high-damage swap-in options now available.

Other notable casualties are Thor, Draco and Diorajasaur, with the latter two making way for Magnus and Mortem in the top 8.

Finally, the diversity of creatures in top teams has dropped considerably in the last 3 months with ‘Other’ creatures falling from 47% to 30% as teams become increasingly similar.

With top players, notably @Piere87, recently quitting the game because of the current arena, do these stats reflect people’s perception or are there some surprises?
NB: the column on the far right of the table shows the % change and not the absolute value. E.g. is a dino goes from 20% ownership to 10%, that’s a 50% drop, not 10%.


stadistics, I like stadistics. :slight_smile:


Well Done!

Great job!

I’m surprised there aren’t more Hadros, other than that nothing surprising.

The apex dinos are inevitable as they get levelled up I guess

Great job! Many thanks for this. Really like to have these kind of fact based discussions.

But it really reflects what a lot of people do feel right now. The introduction of Apexes slowly is killing the diversity of the game. And diversity already was poor before.

But great to see this proven by facts!


some of this is kind of surprising. like grypo going down. i would’ve expected it to go up since it has a good chance to beat the top apexes. not sure why smilon went up, hopefully someone knows.

thor and magna dropping off isn’t so surprising, but magna’s is pretty astonishing. (swap meta. yay.)

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Which is the worst possible state a game can be in. Ludia nerfed way too many things into the ground or turned them into raid creatures nobody uses for raids.


Thanks all, glad people find this stuff interesting. Hard to prove correlation = causation here, but it suggests that ceramagnus has single-handedly reduced the viability of many creatures instead of simply replacing one dino in a team. Everyone said it was OP as soon as it was announced so this just validates that. Hopefully a nerf soon. Would swap-in acute stun still leave it as a top tier creature given it’s so good 1 v 1 already?

The top 100 are a distillation of the meta so have far more flexibility to optimise their team than most. I’m sure if you analysed the top 1000 there would be more variety. Someone else can do that though.


i don’t think so. it still beats most fierce 1v1 without swap in if everything else is the same.

It’s only a small drop though and with such a small sample size, take it with a pinch of salt. It also had a nerf in between plus Mortem is more common now. Dio has seen a big drop in use so there’s fewer of those around for it to bully too.

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So it would still be top tier or are you saying it wouldn’t?

what i meant to say was:
just changing its swap in wouldn’t really affect how well it does 1 on 1. Those match ups will still be amazing and that’s an issue as well since it beats a lot of fierce. It may loose the title of swap king, but it would still be tyrant class based off of 1v1s alone.

Smilo beats magnus and gorgo, RNG with mortem and loses to lux by a little bit only. And when lined up with a swapper behind it beats all 4 apexes unless lux predicts the swap in and heals early which is unlikely
Actually even if smilo isnt lined up with a swapper, if the next thing that comes in is faster than lux it should be able to finish lux off

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Right, that’s what I was suggesting as a nerf. It wouldn’t stop it from being top tier, it just wouldn’t have that infuriating swap-in play style and it would give others, particularly cunning’s, a chance to react. It would be less oppressive but still very viable.

The team pool is only going to get smaller as time goes on and more apex are added.

The arena is just a toxic cesspool and hasn’t been fun for months.