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The top 5 worst and best legendarys (my opinion)

So just for new players this is what legendarys that are great and bad some Legendarys hybrids tho are good so there’s point getting the ones with the hybrids

5.koolagiana-its Hybrid is Very useful but koola’s it’s attacks are ummm how could i explain this BAD with only x1 all attacks all so the only way to do more damage is by leveling it up

4.monomimus-This isn’t a useless hybrid but ill kust say you could settle with procertho but the way its bad is its health and why would you spend your Monolpho dna on monomimius instead of Monostegotops

3.Grylenken-this again is not a bad one but the only thing Useful for it is its raking claws… Thats all

2.carbotoceratops-just like koola its hybrid is good but carbonymes has better health and attack at lvl15 same with nasutoceratops

1.Nodopatitan/Gigasipika-Were should i start with both of this dude’s only the armor is good but there’s alot of armor piercers and both doesn’t Even have a Legendary its attack is good but Literally stegodeus is better


5.dracoceratops-although nerfed its not completely useless the usefull part about It could end your battle and can stop Paramoloch from using its regenerate and run

4.Alloraptor-Almost none has this but all of its attack is GReat this is so far the greatest raptor in game the health the attack is great

3.Stegodeus-the. Best tank in game thats a Legendary Its speed is fine Its health Is Super Great A+ o
Its attack is great for its First level

2.IDOMINUS REX-It has great attack great health and best Is its cloak

And the finnaly the best Legendary
I can’t believe this

1.IdoRATor gen2-Yay im not talking about this one because it makes me rage if your Raging to a great counter is Diplovenetor

Entelomoth is the best Legendary in the game, hands down. Next are Indoraptor G2 and Phorusaura.
Monostegotops comes next, followed by Mammotherium. Carnotarkus is close behind, and after that, Dsungaia.

And Diplovenator stands zero chance against Indoraptor G2, on equal grounds. Ardontosaurus does beat it very well though.


Moth, Phoru, Indo G2, Therium and Monosteg are the best.
Dilophoboa, Rajakylo, Darwez, Monomimus and Monolometrodon are the worst.

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Momeletro Is Not a bad one but not a good one either I could have did 10 but i can’t think of more bad ones

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I would say carnotarkus and mammotherium are better than monostego, if we don’t take the swap in stunning strike into consideration.


And I’d say Erlikospyx is better than Erlidominus if we don’t take Cloak into consideration.
It makes just as much sense.


I think there are quit a bit of dinos better than dsungaia, alloraptor or allosinoraptor for example


So assuming this, dracoceratops still has to be tyrant or am i mistaken?

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Well, Dsungaia has more Swap-utility, and it can swap into an Indominus rex and survive a Cloaked Rampage. If your opponent Indo G2 or Phorusaura is low on health, you can swap it in to gain free priority (so no Rampage-and-run) or just for the damage.
Dsungaia also beats Ardontosaurus and can beat Mammotherium (it depends on move choices) 1v1, at least taking a big chunk of its health away before it swaps out.

Allosinosaurus is very useful, and I’ve used it over Dsungaia in the past, so it depends on your opinion I guess.

Utasino I don’t find very good in Legendary Skill tournaments, but that might just be me.

Swap-in Savagery isn’t that good, so obviously not. And it’s trash 1v1.

Monostegotops is good while swapping in, and good 1v1, so it doesn’t do it justice to compare them.


You shure it can survive a cloaked rampage? Even with shield the indom does 3200 damage and if I remember right dsungaia has 3000 health. If have the feeling it has just not enough health to properly set up, but if it does it performs really good

You must take it into consideration. Monosteg is a swapper. Simple. In terms of 1v1, he would be a Apex Low probably. But JWA is 4v4, not 1v1

It has 3240 health lol. I’ve trolled opponents with that before.

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And 15% armor too :slight_smile:


If you like dracoceratops its ok if like Monostegotops its ok This is only our opinion

Ah well I haven’t played the game in a long time, still makes me furious when I get things like this wrong and lose matches because of it

Best(order Doesn’t matter)
Entelomoth: i think it’s better than geminititan
Indoraptor G2 : can you nerf this thing Ludia?
Mammotherium: discount Lania
Phoru : used to be better but ok
Carnotarkus : i wish i dart those wuerho in the past
Honorable mentions : utasino,smiloceph,ardont,dusngaia

Worst(order doesn’t matter)
Rajakylo,monomimus,koolabourgiania :frowning: , darwenz,nodotitan

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For me The worst is
5. Nodopatotitan
4. Monolo
3. Grylenken
2. Monomimus

  1. Rajankylo

Hornonable Mention: Pteraquetzal, Carboto, Koolbour, and Darwez

5. Dracocera
4. Mammotherium
3. Ardonto
2. Entelmoth

  1. The Answer Is obvious. Color: White, G2, and Better than its G1.

Hornoable: Carnotarkus, Monostego, Indom and Utasino, Phorusaura.

Ankyntrosaurus is so bad it’s not even mentioned.

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Here’s what I think:

  1. Nodopatotitan- demolished by chompers
  2. Dilophoboa- stats are too awful to do anything
  3. Koolabourgiana- only 1x moves… why? It’s damage is actually decent tho
  4. Darwezopteryx- Bad meta wise ig
  5. Grylenken- Again it’s stats are just awful


  1. Entelomoth- Totally broken. Insane
  2. Indo g2- I hate this thing with a passion
  3. Phorusaura- I love this thing with a passion
  4. Mammotherium- Tankier, less terrifying Entelomoth
  5. Monostegotops- I love him, he’s literally a better dracocera