The topic for those that have spent under $50


I’ve spent very little money, but feel that i can compete still… Just need to improve strategy (and also be really patient :sweat_smile:)

I’ll share what I’ve learned of you will;)


Only money I’ve spent is VIP for the last 2 months. I think a lot of battles come down to choosing the right dino to fight your opponent. It’s definitely a rock, paper, scissors battle. One wrong move can lose you the entire battle. The hardest part for me is which dino to start since I don"t know what dino they are starting with.

Other tips are dart as much DNA as possible, even if it’s a crap dino now. Also, max out daily coins and be frugle with them.

I don’t feel I’m behind anyone even though I don’t buy incubators or coins. I’m level 14 and at 37XX trophies. I have a handle full of legendaries (Stegdeus, Indom, Pyrotator, Tryx, Monostega) and compete confidently in battle.


Don’t level up commons or rares. Even most Epics… Dart everything and save all your coins. You’ll lose a bunch of battles… always… for a long time… until you start building legendaries and uniques and have enough coins to actually level them up - then you’ll start winning. It’s a long game, and if you’re not going to pay, you have to run it like a ultra marathon, be greedy with the most limited resources, use just enough to get you where you need to go, and when you do spend them, make sure it’s worth it in the long run.


Here’s my team. I’m (usually) very careful about who and when I upgrade. Messed up on the T-rex, but in general I’m happy with my progress. Only spent $15 up to this point.


Hints are always wellcome!
My best friend is the patience, I am not expecting all right away, so I try to improve in the best way I can, with my limited resources, of money but also of time spent hunting.


My best advice would be to go past the industrial area. As many Dino’s are connected to certain buildings such as car repairs or what ever, I’ve found much better hunting than compared to the suburbs filled with commons


That makes sense. That’s actually where I’ve done most of my hunting.

I think the other thing that I pay special attention to, is which dinos I go for at parks. At this time, I’m only going for upgradable ones. For instance I did 5 attempts at pryoraptor and only one at Blue.


You need a 20 rex eventually anyways


Only spent $17 so far just to get a jumpstart at the beginning. And a couple of hard cash offers for stuff I needed anyway. Which all went to coins eventually. I been skipping the 19.99 level up offers like 3 times now. If there was ever another time to seriously consider spending money it would be for the 24.99 offer. At level 11 i’m still waiting for it. That would still put me under the $50 mark.


If you wait to do the offers, just make sure you go for a 4x or 5x one. At any price. Worth it.