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The Tournament AKA Draco Heaven

Yeah, this tournament is literally revolved around having Dracorex. The problem is that it beats things, that it shouldn’t, it beats all the raptors plus dilo and the terror birds, it beats most of the fierce creatures like gorgo and rex2, it even beats Dimetrodon which has the resistances to counter dracorex but it doesn’t unless it gets a crit with DSI. nasuto and M lion are also annoying on a lesser scale, they both have their defined counters. Surprisingly, Spinosaurus turns out to be pretty good as a closer. Its attack is not great, but its bleed and ability to pass shield and armor make it a good choice. Other strong ones include amargo, kelenken, and dilo. What are your thoughts on the tourney?

Doedicurus may be a good option. I use doedicurus and I’m among the 100 best players. Doedicurus recomended by me :handshake:

Doedicurus: Quality-Cost

:star: :star: :star: :star:


Don’t have him yet, My local park is closed :cry:

oh sorry but does anyone in your alliance have it?

same…quarantine, Doedicurus-lover’s enemy

Park creatures spawns also on kids playgrounds. I got my doedicurus from there.

Yup,as a resilient creature with this ability,he shouldnt have more than 3400hp but eh,balance!!!
Marsupial lion is in the exact same spot

I haven’t been loving this tournament.
Between Dracos and ceratopsids, there’s just far too much swap atrack in going on for my liking.

On the plus side of things, the new sloth is an interesting critter. Doedicheirus seems really good. I haven’t been able to unlock it yet as my local green space doesn’t register as a park in the game for some reason

I find the real problem here is all these resilients overpowering their own counters - a T-Rex (even a gen2) should not be losing to so many resilient creatures.

Fierce creatures need buffing. So many of them have little to no resistances, and has anyone else noticed how there’s no swap in move for most of them? Like why are resilient ceras able to perform damage that hits through armor (a fierce creature’s job, I might add) AND stun? Even cunning critters can swap in with dodge or distraction, but there’s no safe way to swap in a fierce creature without taking hefty damage.

I wish they’d do something about the high attack resilient critters. That’s not their job.


100% what @Delta said!
The game has become somewhat farcical with all this nonsense such as resilient creatures beating fierce so easily, and a lion having the ability to take down anything!
There has to be a certain amount of realism in battling and it’s beginning to become something more akin to an underdogs dream now.


yup all the fierce are currently useless unless they are resilient aswell…
They should get 50% damage reduction from any resilient ability to begin with.

There’s nothing wrong with the lion taking out resilient dinos, as a fierce, it’s doing what It should, the other fierce dinos that are underpowered. If It is beating cunning dinos then that needs to be addressed, but i don’t really see It beating cunning dinos.There’s an amount of realism that isn’t necessary. But i absolutely agree that most other fierce creatures need more love, they aren’t doing their job and some resilient dinos have enough damage to beat them, those specific match ups need to change.

IMO cunning creatures are still weak in comparison to fierce and resilient. Fierce is weak compared to resilient.