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The tournament fail

Well,tournament is almost finish and im currently at the 5th position.
When you go around 800 trophy,you can seek for a match for hours,no kidding,i have try to reach the 990 trophy but every top player “camp” at their trophy so the game won’t show you an opponent.
Resultthe top 3 stay top 3 because you just can’t climb since you don’t have ANY match.

Ludia,you should work about a clue.
Like -10trophy every 3hours without a match or something which could force everytop player to keep fighting for their place.
Its actually pretty unfair.
I have the possibility to reach the top 3 but no,i just can’t because i have litterally NO match

What a ridiculous scenario!
So unfair

so this morning there were no fight and now (2 hours before end) i have done 5 match in a row,i don’t get the logic.
Its like everyone wake up just before the end

I woke up an hour ago and have been queuing non-stop and have only gotten 2 matches.

They’re fighting before the end to ensure they can get as close to the top as possible. I do that too whenever I enter, but skipped this one, not worth the 100HC.

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I have build my team and ALL the boost only for these tournaments,i have almost non boosted uniques because i you don’t oftenly see epics on the end game and the tournament rewards is clearly worth it if you manage to end in a good position

cindy,you are the CindyD99??im akasasori,congratulation for your first place with 2 lvl 20,very impressive

I have no shortage of coins, I need HC more (mostly trying to drag in some Tenontos from parks) and my only boosted non-unique is my Kaprosuchus, which managed to wipe out most contestants when the Rare tournament was glitched. But as soon as the tournament was changed I dropped to 0 and climbed my way back to top 500.

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yes I am, thanks. it’s not over. woke up in second and finally got a 3rd match after 90 minutes. I feel someone will pass me and I won’t be able to get additional matches.

3 of these dinos run on my arena team daily… but I have been working on dinos just for these weekend tourneys as the payouts are way more than seasons.

agree and the payout for the 3 is just incredible…
Top 5 get 350000
I think the lower case should earn a bit more aswell
finishing 50 and earn only 130k is not enough i think

The difference between each pally is just too huge.
Im almost scared to drop because loosing over 150k on a loose is huge,i can’t imagine your case! XD

yeah, its a 500K gamble.

I still think they need to fix MM because whole time I was queuing this morning, so were you and we never matched. I got nobadmojo 3 times, but never you and you were higher rank than him. doesn’t make sense.

i used to match saviordemon 3 time in a row and his 148 speed t-rex lvl 30 overboosted,i was so scared!

oh god,i have greed to much,i climb to second place and drop to 5th

Lol imagine the insanity if they added tournament decay