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The Tournament Pack

This just a quick idea:
What if we can get a tournament creature pack like the vip pack for 8 000 lp not like the mammoth pack but a random copy of a tournament creature, even if the price is higher it would be a pretty good idea to spend your lp when you don’t want a vip, and give you a new way to get tournament creature!!

I really want them to do it, but knowing it’s LUDIA, I doubt they will

That’s a good idea, but I personally would lower the cost to 5,000 instead of 8,000, just cause it’s a multiple of five and it seems better imo

As a non VIP if you do a fair amount of the prize drop you can get the tournament wheel prize for under 3500 DBs I think. It’s been a while since i have done enough of the prize wheel to get a reasonable offer on that prize so it’s hard for me to say for certain but I think the price can be lowered a decent amount below that yet

If you are working the trade harbor and not wasting your DBs it isn’t all that hard to get 3K DB’s for something like that. I think my biggest issue with the non VIP prize drop is you have to be doing most of the DNA ones and when all is said and done it costs you several thousand DNA and at that point I would rather just use that DNA to buy a creature. Maybe this week if I remember I’ll try and do more prize drop stuff and see where I end up. I have some resources i can waste in the name of research.


So prize drop ended today. I did all the food, coin and DNA ones every day and the coin one this morning and here is where I ended up. I think I did 1 200 DB ticket as well.

I think in the end it is something like 10,000 DNA for all the DNA tickets :open_mouth:

So 10k DNA plus the food and coin and u would still have to spend dbs for a tournament creature on top of all of that. So not worth it. Then there is 5k plus dbs for a VIP. I came this far and took a shot at getting a VIP exclusive I have no other way of getting and won a baryonyx :disappointed_relieved:. Better luck next time, if there ever is one