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The truth in front of your eyes

At this point if we’re still playing JWA we deserve what we get. Ludia has proven time and again that they never actually want the game balanced, they want the imbalance to cost you money. Magnus and Cera and broken, hadros more so than ever, we as a community have been asking for small tweaks (not complete destruction of) these 2 for months with no satisfaction yet they say “we’re listening”. They would tell you they need to collect more data to determine if a change is necessary but seriously, Magnus is the determining factor in nearly every PvP match so what more do you need? If that were the only issue perhaps they could be forgiven but the truth is there’s is a constant stream of not quite accidental missteps by them that lead to yet another OP dino you have to invest in to stay relevant. It wouldn’t actually be that hard to rebalance dinos and give us a better game but it wouldn’t give players as much to spend money on and that’s their bottom line. The latest update hasn’t actually had that big an effect on anything because the problem is still the same, it was never deceleration it was Hadros and Magnus, it was exclusive ingredient uniques that are utterly useless, it was a huge array of creatures but 99.9% of them are pointless. The truth is, we keep playing so they keep laughing at the mess we keep showing up to endure. Keep playing, keep hoping for something to change.


For the players who can’t even log into the game I expect they would love to ‘keep playing’.

But you have highlighted just a small part of the problem, but a problem nonetheless.

How can Ludia justify taking the weekend off with so many players unable to log into the game since the update that caused the problem in the first place?

And who thought this update that effectively buffed the very creatures the whole community wanted to be nerfed would be a good idea?

In any normal business this wouldn’t be acceptable at all.


Exactly my point and are you actually surprised at all that they failed to fix the thing that needed fixing or is it par for the course? They prove again and again that balance is never the goal of their balancing efforts


You forgot to mention testa and skoona, which are now the best creatures by a mile. They even dwarf 2.0 Max.

Those two are the definition of broken.


There’s another!?!? :joy:


Never spent a dime on this game that means I haven’t ever spent $$ on the game and I have gotten quite far and managed to get pretty high up in the arena (o yea only been play for 2 years!)

Show your team please and I’d love to know your definition ot quite well, I’ve spent a fair amount of time ranked, so what? Even if you’re completely free to play and top 10 that doesn’t change the overall truth that Ludia isn’t interested in creating a balanced game, they’re interested in keeping people chasing and paying. They get you to buy in to the newest monster, spend time and money and effort on it then once they feel it’s bled dry then… bomb, next monster up. It’s time to stop pretending it’s incidental or accidental


As one of the current examples of newer creature that is a bit OP is Scorpius Gen 3. When the arena’s get saturated with them and the complaints reach high heaven, they will nerf it down to low hell after they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of it to then bring on the next new OP beast and repeat the process.

This has been going on since the beginning.


I have similar feelings more than a year ago, from then l never renew the subscription anymore.
The idea of Jurassic world alive is very good, but sadly it’s developed by such a not-quite-capable company.


The number of bugs does paint a picture of a developer in over its head, agreed, however the balance issues are not a sign of incompetence but are beyond doubt intentional.


And tryko is coming off in 2 weeks. I still find ways to have fun, and tbh I never go to the shop unless there’s a free incubator or coin sale. Scorp g3 pretty new (trying it out) however I have other creatures to replace it if I feel it’s not ready (or the small chance it’s gets a nerf)

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That’s awesome and I’m happy you’re happy (seriously) but I almost feel these discussions should be divided into entry level, mid level and end game responses, that team has you in Aviary? Right? Youre about where I would’ve expected at 2 years btw, I wouldn’t say you’ve advanced any faster than normal. You haven’t reached the “conform or else” stage of the game. The problem is upper gyrosphere and shores where the end game bottleneck happens and you either accept your fate as bottom of ranked/ just outside or you play the same dinos as everyone else and wait to create and level the next OP monster. At the same time I will again return to the point, it’s a shell game from Ludia and we’re fools for consuming the product of a company who only cares about milking your wallet

Yes that’s what I mean, if they do this intentionally for money, that’s obviously stupid. Selling virtual effects/skins such as “shinny golden horns” for triceratops could earn more and no damages to the game balance.


No, library. But thank you!!

Let’s take an example if you buy a model x of a car and after a year and a half they take out the same improved model of that model x, it works for the company, because it surely generates income because it is assumed that this new model is better than the previous one, Otherwise, if it were not like that, she would not have buyers, but in Ludia’s case it is different because she ruins the best models in the game, and instead of making improved versions with new models, she ruins the good things, instead of improving things. bad to balance the game.

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Not only that but these aren’t cars where increasing HP ever time or range is great. This a video game where power creep renders long standing dinos irrelevant. Tryko has always been balanced and effective, ow everyone drops it because while other dinos came along with more damage or armor or resistances Tryko never changed. Power creep is always a negative is video games, imagine you played MK then 1 day they add a downloadable character who simply stomps every other character, now only people who play the new member win so everyone has to use them. It’s not healthy for a game with 200 playable characters to have 4 truly playable ones and then tell people to adapt

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I’d love to see that trophy count.

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One day, Scorpio3 will be the new Indoraptor… Forever forgotten

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@GIGAKING must be a good battler to be in Library with that team!

I have 3 accounts in Library all with way better dinos than that and every match up is against dinos that way surpass that team, so I must be crap and unlucky!

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I think it depends on where in Library, I do get put
Pushed down into Library sometimes and toward the top is all level 30s but toward the bottom its level 27+. That being said I too can’t see him making it to Library with that team, skill only gets you so far, if my assumptions are incorrect I of course graciously await being awakened to my folly