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The truth

Ludia deleted all my posts where I was just telling the truth : that is, they are absolutely not good as hause software because : 1) software implementation with Google Maps painful. 2) battery sparkle in no time. 3) It’s not a freetoplay or a payforwin… it’s just a payforplay. 4) only game in the world that does not have a working chat 5) is one of the least played games among those in AR 6) so for me it is a big flop and they are just thieves and cheaters. Now ban me as well

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Normally I’d ignore this sort of post but there’s so many.

Show me the chat system in Draconius Go? I chose that one because it was supposed to be the killer of PoGo and at one point had a very active subreddit. Please go play Zombie Go whose trailer refused to show actual gameplay and opted to simply focus on the back of a random child. Or maybe even Garfield Go (Yes it is very real).

Tell me how much you have to pay to use things like Ophiacodon and Diplotator in Arena 2. Playing and winning aren’t the same and never should be.

Conflict and negativity are a part of the world. However it gets annoying when people make up random statistics like some child having a tantrum. No one has the right to anything in any game just because they are breathing.


Use battery saver mode, it still deducts less than 1% battery per minute, at least on iPhone 7. It can be free to play, I’ve only been not-super-actively playing for a year, I’m a free to play-er, and I have reached player level 20 as well as having uniques level 23. I only hunt dinos about an hour a day. No working chat? Well at least it has a chat… like Pogo doesnt even have any sort of chat or communication system whatsover other than gifts and gyms. Every game has cheaters and thieves, is this any different?
I mean geez, at least have good facts to back up ur opinions… sorry if that sounds harsh but cmon.


You had me at Garfield Go!! I want in on this, just hope I’m not too far behind already :grimacing: