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The Trykosaurus balance hole

Alright, let me say something

What. The. Actual… Fruit

You messed up big time Ludia

Trykosaurus has literally no counters now.

You know what countered it?
Bleed, Distraction, being faster and some dodgers building specifically (speed - damage indominus for example)

What does it do now???

Slows, cleans distraction and destroys cloak and Evasive

Nothing can touch it.

Mammolania and Geminititan were absolutely broken last patch. You fixed them… Then doubled down and made this ABOMINATION instead

You can’t use two cloakers in tandem to take it down because resilient impact. You can’t even wither it down with a speed boosted Indom just because of how much health and damage it has.

You can’t bleed it out because it will slow you down then kill you or swap away.

You can’t crunch it up with another chomper because it will slow you and eat you alive.

You can’t distract it because it will cleanse and mop the floor with you.

And don’t get me started how Spinoconstrictor, THE TRYKOSAURUS COUNTER gets literally eaten alive by Trykosaurus because you decided to give it instant Distraction instead of Exploit Wound and remove Sidestep to Evasive Stance… The single most Useless ability the entire patch

Just remove the resilient component. Make it only be able to slow creatures, but not cleanse distraction and destroy dodges

So Spinoconstrictor can eat it alive like she is supposed to as well as giving a breathing room to dodgers and distracters

It is already a tank beater chomper and a chomper beater tank, bleeders and specific dodgers and distracters should be able to weaken it enough to be beatable. It’s a mixed class creature, so don’t give it everything with no clear cut counter, in the new rock paper scissor balance.

Because it is a scissor a rock and a paper in one cursed package


Ardentis beats it quite badly :slight_smile:

Yep, cunning creatures are the losers of this patch.

R.I.P. indo family


Trykosaurus is made of 3 EPICS there’s no other dino in the game that has that so I think it should be powerful. Plus it’s the coolest looking dino.


Yeah, and it’s the OG Tyrant.


The issue isn’t the counter man, a lot of people have said it, it’s the impact just make it that it doesn’t remove distraction and tryko instantly gains so many counter

Also tryko is not the king sure it’s good maybe just close to broken but it’s not the best, Maxima however is king as there is almost nothing that can stop it

Plus like @IronCaptain said it’s the only othe unique, besides nemys, to require 3 epic ingredients so it deserves some power.


Ardentismaxima just needs a fat damage nerf, but the kit has fundamental counters.

BUT I agree both needs to be nerfed to allow counters and arena variety

Problem is as you said, Trykosaurus needs to lose some positive effects

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Nothing deserves to be OP and everything has to have a clear cut counter.

Trykosaurus included.

Cunning really isnt that bad

Smilonemys is also made from 3 epics and its not as powerful as Tryko.


Tryko has the exact same counters as maxima ( but maxima beats tryko). Maxima is undoubtedly busted. So that would mean tryko is also busted. Less busted, but still busted. There are only 5 counters I can think of for tryko.

  1. Maxima
  2. Marsupial lion
  3. Thyla
  4. Mortem rex
  5. Alloraptor
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Ya the counter can stay as it doesn’t cleanse distraction and while it does remove cloak it only does it if you attack it so I think it’s fair. So that way it can slow say indo gen2 and get rid of that dodge but that doubles distraction option is still there and at indos favor mean it can counter it so cunning < fierce, problem solved


Tryko is probably the second best Dino in the game behind maxima


Suchotator… just saying.


Yea I can live with that change because it allows a cloak shatter strike combo

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If Tryko goes for fierce strike first and suchotator goes for LW, then it’s a guessing game.

The only composition I give is trykos health back (and maybe Crit chance) that way it still has survivability, 4.5 k is fine plus rex got that health so it makes sense, and that attack can stay where it’s at right now. See now that not hard to rebalance with making it trash lol

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Also, suchotator isn’t meta at all

If this was a new dino, everyone would be wanting a nerf for it. But since it’s Tryko it gets a pass from most, lol.

Yea but rex doesn’t have armor and now it has slow and anti cloak

I never liked it having the absolute highest of all stats of every parent, but then again I always preferred the original balance of hybrids having mixed stats, so lesser rarities can work as niche raw stat powerhouses in a team build around them.

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True but like it also doesn’t have rexs 1.9 k attack so that health would be what it takes from rex and with the current attack being only 1.5k (the least of any chomper) I think that’s fine plus it will be distractable, stunnable, and bleedable