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The Turtle is OP

Feel free to disagree but it seems to me that the turtle is the tank with the highest survivability. 60% armor, 25% shielded health regen every 2 turns (Dig-in is a really annoying move by itself, leading to endless battles), and you can’t bleed her. I honestly don’t find any other tank, including Tyrant tier ones, this annoying to fight against. And I don’t mean the competitive kind of annoying, I mean the eye rolling kind of annoying.
To top it of, her offensive power is really high up there. Her basic move is amazing, and also a setup for x4.5 attack.
In the bigger picture, I wouldn’t have problem with all this, but it’s ruining the current Tournament. Your selections are limited to non-hybrid epics, and all you can count on are a very few chompers, that you will have to be lucky enough to get in your random selection of 4.

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I don’t disagree.
One of the biggest time wasters, annoying as The Dickens.

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I don’t disagree either, it really is the most annoying creature to face if you haven’t got a decent chomper.


Disagree solely because a turtle nerf likely means a nemys nerf, and she’s already pretty rubbish. Pass.


Turtle is pretty broken but I kinda like it

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For turtle you need good chomper. No need to nerf it.


Tbf the turtle is kinda useless against anything with armour / shield and immunity to effects? Like if it cant Vuln+slow you its attack is garbage

Yep. in the tournament, T-rex is viable, secodontosaurus, and possibly Allo G2, but i haven’t been able to use mine yet due to it being in the sanctuary.

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Used mine in tournament, but removed it from team after few fights. Almost everybody have Allo g2 or Trex.

Anyone try wooly mammoth in the tourney? Curious to know how it does. Mine is in the sanctuary

My turtle solo’d the whole team.


She does decent. Looses to chomps. But can typically 1v1 anything.


Anything armour piercing makes very short work of it (T-Rex, Allo G2 in the tourney); if you fancy a bit of turtle on turtle action be prepared to die of old age before its over …


I’ve had that happen. not the most fun thing in the tournament.

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Not really though, it’s very situational. If it’s a 1 on 1 right away, and Devastation is 2 moves away - sure. Of course if 1 of them is wounded, it’s very situational again.
But other than that, the turtle can 2 shot both T-Rex and Allo G2, and neither of these two can 1 shot the turtle on their first move, crit included. They don’t have any priority moves, and thanks to Turtle’s basic move, the second shot is a guarantee, so the 2 shotting is just a matter of time.

And we are talking about her best counters here, every other match up is just miserable.


it’s a 6 foot turtle :sweat_smile:
trex-like dinos would be the only thing that could take it out :man_shrugging:


Turtle can’t two shot Allo g2, Trex 1 on 1 as Devastation has 2 turn delay. If turtle is wounded will likely need to Dig in to survive one hit, so it’s finished in two turns.

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Hence why I pointed out that situation as an exception:

Allo g2, rex, seco, and even mammoth are great against it for me so far. It’s not op when it has legit problems against seco lol.


That’s the reason I have Seconto in my team. If Tortoise doesn’t go for Dig In, Seconto can kill it in 2 shots. If there’s a Dig In, then Three Shots.