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The Tyrannosaurus Rex gen 3 female

Think of some ideas for this Dino:

Like a j.p. trex. ( and we still need rexy too… ) :frowning:

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Rexy and T. Rex gen 3 female are differnt T. Rexes


That’s True, i just meant we also dont have rexy yet… :frowning:


If we must get a third T Rex, I would rather get Rexy or another genus of Tyrannosaur (Yutyrannus, Nanuqsaurus, Daspletosaurus, etc.) than just “T Rex Gen 3”.


I have many of these dinos and I send a message to UnicornWizard with the idea of T.Rex gen 3, so now I’m thinking about a T.Rex gen 3 female, pls some can send a idea for T.Rex gen 3 female (Not confuse with Rexy) on JWA Toolbox

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But how many T Rex do we really need? With Gen 3 and Rexy that gives us 4 - surely just 3 (with Rexy being that third) is enough, right? Plus, anything else could easily be replaced by a close relative of T Rex, like how we just got Albertosaurus.

Also ludia only have a specific amount of rarities, like the trex gen 3 may even be a common because it can’t be the same as gen 1 and 2.
It could be the same rarity but it might get confusing if they do that.

Rexy, Yutyrannus and Daspletosaurus would be my picks. Or a hybrid of Rex 1 or 2 and maybe Albert.

Outside of that, I rather like Gen 3’s being like the Chaos Effect creatures. They’re still the same-ish dinosaurs but with some different features and such. Most remembers Chaos Effect for the crazy hybrids (which they should), but there were a couple of figures that were just repaints of other figures (Euoplocephalus and Parasaurolophus are the ones that come to mind).


Something like this:

Though I would like to see a Yutyrannus or Daspletosaurus before we just get a Rex Gen 3.


But rexy is like bumpy a special dinosaur… so she needs to my idea a legendary



I’d be happy to see Rexy as a legendary. But if we needed another T Rex in addition to that for whatever reason (e.g. a common one), I would rather it be another species of Tyrannosaurid (like Daspletosaurus or Yutyrannus) instead of just another Tyrannosaurus Rex, to get more different dinos represented in the game.




Probably. Killer Instinct is kind of busted.

That being said, I do prefer Gen 3’s being hybrids to regular creatures.


a cool idea for T. rex Gen3 would be a flock T. rex that would comprise of the TLW Buck, Doe, and Baby T.rex! this would not only differentiate the Gen3 from G1 and G2 but also allow for the expansion of the absorb feature into other classes

important note: Rexy should be added before any other Rexes are added :wink:


I like it, but couldn’t they just call that something like “T Rex Family” instead?

I want the bull t rex from jp3

yes, ideally it would be called T. rex family, but idk if that will mess up the JWA nomenclature since as of now, all creature names are strictly scientific names and not general terms like “family”

ie. Compys are Compsognathus G1 or G2 and not “Comsognathus swarm”

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Hmm that’s fair. Would definitely be the most unique way to do a T Rex Gen 3 I’ve seen so far.