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The Tyrants that are not Tyrants because of the boost system and a huge game imbalance

So I did a break down of the top 10 top 25 dinosaurs and top 100 dinosaurs. Please note these results might be slightly skewed due to some top players refusing to break 6000 points to avoid 120 second battle wait time.
The results show what we said about how the boost system would hurt the speed dinosaurs has come true. Three tyrants are badly represented in the top player teams because they can’t compete against teams that can stack everything on health and damage. Tyrants are supposed to the best based on play testing and player feedback.
These three under represented tyrants are
Other supposedly endgame speedy uniques that are dropping by the wayside and are team liabilities are Indoraptor, Utarinex, Diloracheirus, Pterovexus, Turomoloch, and Stygidaryx.

The only speed Tyrant dinosaur that is showing up is Quetzorion and some will argue that is because of the Swap in Dodge and armor piercing.
The designers were warned against this, and actually welcomed this imbalance. From [Q&A] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts 2.0
Question 10.

Sadly this is not the case.
The Chompers are also NOT well represented or considered even Tyrants anymore.
Both Uniques of Thoradolosaur and Tenontorex are outclassed and falling down the list of usage and lost tyrant status.

The end game is drastically imbalanced and many unqiues are just cast off and substandard.
It appears the Endgame will be dominated by these 10 creatures until the next update.
In order of observed power and representation.
The top 3.
Indoraptor Gen 2. Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 12 Damage 10 Health 8 Speed
Geminititan Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 15 Damage 13 Health 2 Speed
Ardentismaxima Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 15 Damage 13 Health 2 Speed

The midrange
Trykosaurus: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 13 Damage 16 Health 1 Speed
Quetzorian: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 10 Damage 10 Health 10 Speed
Magnapyritor: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 10 Damage 10 Health 10 Speed

The Utility Swap ins.
Grypolyth: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 10 Damage 19 Health 1 Speed
Smilonemys: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 10 Damage 10 Health 10 Speed
Dracoceratops: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 20 Damage 9 Health 1 Speed

Still relevant but falling by the wayside because when they get Geminititan they replace it
Diorajsaur: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 13 Damage 16 Health 1 Speed

Honorable Mention because it is in 4 of the top 10 teams.
Thylocator: Guesstimated ideal Boost set up 10 Damage 19 Health 1 Speed

So in a nutshell. 6 Uniques sit on top with 1 quickly falling and 10 Uniques are liabilities.
Also of note. 4 of the above mentioned 11 are recently introduced dinosaurs including the top 3 in the game.
So one has to really question the stability of the endgame and game balance. Either the dinosaurs need to be balanced based on potential boost, or the boost system needs to be re-evaluated again because right now it looks like only 31% of the Uniques are end game worthy.


I agree on everything but Erlidominus. Just too good even with that shortfall. Such an assassin. This is definitely why my team isnt at 6000 yet. I have 23 boosts waiting for 1.11 and will likely give them all to either Magna (26) or Quetz (26).
Or possibly Indo gen2 (25). Magna seems like the safer bet being an immune unique.


I like Erlidominus, but this is not my opinion as much as the usage by the top players. During my snap shot of the top 100, only 1 team in the top 10 uses Erlidominus and that particular team is full of outliers. In general, only about a third of the teams in the top 25 still use Erlidominus.


that could be in part because the dna needed to make it is split between itself and 3 other dinos.
Indom (it’s hybrid ingredient), indo and tryko. Keeping all three uniques at team level would get pretty hard to do.

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And Tryko is definitely the best of those 3 in the current meta. As a stats guy, I can appreciate all this info so much. Wish I had the boosts on Thor back. I really want to boost the fire out of Indo gen2, but I’m worried at some point the moveset changes and it moves off tyrant entirely.

I see your point, but everybody in the top 25 has been playing a long time, and I would make a wager that almost everybody in the top 25 has all three at level 30. Also not one team in the top 25 has Indoraptor, while Trykosaurus was tied with Ardentismaximas as the most used dinosaur in the Top 25.

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To add onto this, there are at least 4 tanks in the tyrant tier. Depending on how they are boosted, indo g2, magna, orion, and proceratho could be as well. So elridom could be falling by the wayside due to not being able to reliably deal with tanks and dodge/evasive creatures in this current metta.


I agree with you, i was one of the people sending similar warnings to the devs. I even replaced spyx with thyla(i do love my ugly water lion though hehe). Though i kinda agree with @Brian_Pastermack on Erlidom, mine is unboosted and is doing fine, but i guess people have been droping it for the better indo gen2. One solution could be to give dinos like spyx and indo better health and damage, spyx is paper thin :laughing:
Procera might not need a buff, i think if the boosts are to stay like this it will be fine since It has very good stats. The ones i encounter in the arena are doing very well. The reason not many people use It is probably because It could get a hybrid soon, i myself don’t use her for that reason. All in all, i think some buffs should be done to the creatures that suffer more with the current boost system.


Erlido is a great damage dealer and works best when it can be brought in multiple times. It’s fallen off of a bunch of teams because of the heavily use of the tanks/high hp and counter attackers. But it still brings a lot of these creatures into range for something else to finish off


Want to help keep this discussion going. It’s a healthy discussion.

Also if boosts were eaiser to get itd be better. 20 bucks a tier is far too steep. And the refund costs are also way too steep.

Anyway, keep it up.


sign ludia, just refund boosts in money or hardcash, and remove them. They ruined the game, and 2.0 actually made it worse, cus now is actually pay to win! 1k hardcash For 1/4 a tier? Hah. No thank you.


Thanks. I actually started the discussion because after doing the analysis, I realized that it was an “unhealthy discussion” as in the health of the game is suffering in diversity due to current play design and how so many uniques are not end-game viable. There needs to be a re-balancing that takes into account the boost and how they will be utilized. Considering the huge “supposed” variety, I am not sure if their play testers or designers will fix this as readily as it might be needed.

God, yes! This doesn’t stop or go away while boosts are here. They should have taken the hit and scrapped them as opposed to doubling the discontent. Coz people were annoyed at 2.0, and will be annoyed when they’re scrapped.

When balance relies on speed, attack, and health and these elements are handed back to the player, it’s obvious imbalance will occur.

If I was a dev for Ludia I would have walked away the minute they came up with the idea that offering boosts would be a good idea. They effectively took away the ability to balance the game and gave it to the highest bidder! How would I as a dev ever get balance back when it’s out of my hands?

Notwithstanding this, no one can be surprised at what we have. Dinosaurs that became tyrant before boosts are no longer what they were. New dinos developed after boosts adapt better with boosts. But balance is non existent.

So what’s the answer?

Don’t heavily invest in what seems to be a dead cert, because just around the corner there will be something else ready to ask over.
And that’s the nature of a game like this, because if it wasn’t we would all have the best possible team and there would be no point in playing any more.

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Some good points here.

I would however argue for not putting any damage on Thylo and more speed. General practice (for me anyway) is bleed then rend. As long as you can do 7% damage from the lethal wound you are laughing with 33% DoT and 60% rend


The speed is definitely what she needs. most of her damage is % based. She just needs that little bit of speed to keep up. Probably a 15/ 0/15 split.

Yeah how do they go about balancing a dino when now with the way boosts sit… there are so many configuration of stats to take into consideration.

And to add to this there might be one single configuration that makes a dino like utahrinex op… but any other configuration of boosts makes it feel like its in need of a buff.

This is the kind of stuff that could make boosts fun. But between their pricing, in game acquisitions, tier costs, and refund base. That kind of experimentation isnt likely to happen.

So some of thosr high apexs could be the next indo g2… and the devs might even know this. But we dont have the flexibility to experiment. So we wont know… and the dino just rides the bench instead.


Continuing on with what you just said. Why can’t we have a way to test boosts? It would help everyone to get the best configuration. Maybe give those creatures on the bench a chance to shine. Could easily be set up how friendlies are now. Be able to max out whichever creature you want. And give everyone something to work towards.


Surely you have been around long enough to know that this would be great for the players, but a disaster for the accounts at Ludia!

No more wasted boosts = lower boost sales.

They still haven’t even implemented a way to fuse and protect from accidentally levelling up a Dino that you really didn’t want to level up. So finding ways to help players without us needing to pay is certainly not high on their list of priorities.

Giving us half our boosts back when we change our mind means we still put so much importance on needing them. So we grind incubators, still do tapjoy, and some I’m sure still pay real money to buy them.

And for what?
To further imbalance the game from the way it should be.
I’ve just come off a losing spell after having my opening Dino ( Utasino at 135 speed or Erlidom at 137 speed ) outsped by Thor three times and ratted twice before even getting a go.
The joy of the unbalance that is the arena now.


That’s why I think the amount of increase a boost does need to be decreased by 80% (10% stat increase at max tier). It still gives the boosted dinosaurs an advantage, but not so much that their unbeatable. I’d also change the speed boosts from a flat figure to a percentage based figure which also caps at 10% at tier 20. No more dinosaurs like Thor being boosted faster than the fastest dinosaurs in the game. Max Thor could boost to is 120.

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