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The Tyrants that are not Tyrants because of the boost system and a huge game imbalance

Its pretty sad… i had multiple dinod at tier 4/5 in atleast 2 stats on my bench and thought nothing of it… ill use those in a tournament at some point id think… or could level those dinos on the side.

Now in this more flexible system… were i could even refund some of my boosts the mere thought bothers me so much i have a dino or two i may replace at some point so they go unboosted.

My arena team is completely unboosted. With every patch the balance of power can shift.

I used my unboosted level 28 Procerat to do the strike towers because of the nullifying move. Forgot to take it off and put my Tenontorex back on, but it turned out that was a good move when I faced Thor. It’s still rat bait at 3969 HP though, and since people are complaining about it on the forums I’m sure it’ll be nerfed soon :frowning: Any dino that can perform well without boosts shouldn’t be nerfed, IMHO. It’s good for F2P players such as myself.

I havent boosted procera either. lv 22 and has an almost permanent spot on my team. very useful for taking out thors when you don’t have any other distracting creatures.

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The problem with dinosaurs that are great when they’re unboosted is they become nightmares when somebody does boost them.

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I think it is more of a how they are boosted, and if playtesters anticipates the results on the meta and balancing.