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The uh 'adding real celebrities and influencers' thing on the survey

That really needs to NOT be a thing… especially with how crazy the lines get blurred with the para-social relationship things that streamers and influencers and celebrities themselves have to deal with already that lead to them being stalked, people creepily thinking that they’re romantically WITH the real celebrities despite not really KNOWING them, and the streamers/influencers/celebrities have been hurt physically and mentally by this. I feel like given the kind of app Lovelink is- a fictional dating app game, the lines would just get even more blurred and the consequences could be catastrophic.


I have no interest in this either.

The amount of time/energy that would go into getting permission to use a real person in a game would only take away from other things that already are in desperate need of attention.

I’d rather have more content now.

Plus we have fake celebrities already, why isn’t that good enough?


I don’t support this idea either, we have enough social apps for this.
Starstrucking is not a good idea


I made it quite clear in my survey response that I do not want celebrities or so-called influencers anywhere near my Lovelink.

I go out of my way to avoid social media “influencers” because most of them are terrible narcissists who will endorse any kind of sham product to scam people out of money.

That said, if Lara Croft made an appearance I’d make a little wee :flushed:. But she’s a fictional character so that OK, right?


Agreed! I basically asked them to focus on matches we’ve been waiting to make a return, as well as an appearance.

And Lara Croft? I definitely wouldn’t mind if she made an appearance :flushed:


Yeah, I said pretty much the same thing. Aside from the fact that I do not fetishise celebrity culture including “influenzers” (deliberate misspelling) I just want our favourite characters to return, and then for the "new " characters with no stories to finally be released.

I’ve been waiting at least 6 months to find out what Felicia Fatal has to offer!

But also Lara :shushing_face:.


Agreed. I said strongly disagree to every question regarding this. I have no interest in adding celebrities to the game. Would rather them further develop stories for the grey characters or add more characters.


this would be a really flipping stupid idea. i responded telling them “dont be that guy.”

yeah this sounds so awkward :woozy_face:

That was the most shocking set of questions in the questionnaire for me.

If they added Real People in any way shape or form, it would be an INSTANT drop for me.

I picked up the game for the fictional storylines. The idea of letting people pretend to be in relationships with Real People, even in just a fake dating app game? It’s just a mess waiting to happen.

Let alone the pure cost of licensing all those likenesses! With the recent hike in premium option costs, I don’t doubt they’d try to push off that cost onto us somehow.

And sure, whatever. Their right as a company to do whatever they want with their product. I just wish they didn’t give us a survey if they only seem to be using it to justify the things they already wanted to do…


It definitely feels like a bad move. Too many people obsess about celebrities as it is, without something like that.


I’m hoping everyone’s response on the thread mirrors the majority that did the survey and they threw this idea away.