The UK based DPG Alliance is Full! Details below

The first ever UK DPG Alliance by the name ‘UK DPG’ is now full!!
If all goes well I’ll probs set up a discord for coms so we can leave messaging on the app for donating DNA etc

Currently full, will take on especially powerful agents i.e 4K trophy rating + if you apply!

Just search ‘UK DPG’ into the alliance tab, it’s the one with the stygimoloch :slight_smile:

Question: does this membership apply to only Brits, or can it also apply to someone such as myself who has over 75% Brit/Irish DNA?

If it helps at all, a friend of mine in Surrey made me an “honorary” Brit, based on my overall knowledge of history, politics, music, and Doctor Who…

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You don’t have to be British to join, just stating that it’s uk based is all Due to time zones etc :smiley:

K. Just checking. I know there’s a lot of stuff going on over there right now, stuff that mirrors the racism and evil… stuff happening here in the US. One of my friends believes in radical UKIP crap, and I just tend to ignore it. I’m a Labour supporter, anyhow. LOL

Yeah no worries dude, just pop an application, I’ll be happy to accept you!

Cool. I just want to make certain I will have enough time to actually commit to joining before I join. Cheers, mate!

The fact you said doctor who makes you a honorary brit in my eyes :grinning:


Whovian since 1979, mate. Tom Baker is my Doctor, I have no choice in the matter.

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Thanks for letting me join.

No worries :slight_smile:

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Sent request, started one of my own but saw this :+1::sunglasses: lets get us on the map

All accepted, welcome!

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Is messaging working for everyone I can’t seem to message anymore

It’s working for me

Working again I closed app and restarted . Prob just a glitch

Hi, just sent you a join request

UK based too down nr Portsmouth! I applied to another UK based one but heard nothing…VIP player, plays daily.

Lol so I posted about joining and attached a pic of my lvl/team and its down for review :joy: :thinking::open_mouth: UK based nr Portsmouth!

I’m in this group and from Southampton…