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The Ultimate Humiliation


I’ve made some mistakes battling in the arena but hit a new low point today … the opponent obviously had connection issues (or was arena dropping) as every move counted down to zero and they used the first move everytime … but, I lost … I LOST! :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

Combo of creatures with strong first moves, crits and me being over-confident.

Oh well, if they had connection issues I hope they appreciated the 40 trophies … if they were arena dropping :laughing:


I won a match like that today. Had to go somewhere and had to let the game play by itself.

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Think about how happy you made your opponent :wink:


They probably died from a heart attack

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@PQC we had a battle too like 20 mins ago or something. Was a nice battle though I won :slight_smile:


everytime i pvp you i just set the phone down. ez win :joy::wink:


i humiliated myself today aswell lol. the opponent brought out an irex and i quickly switched to giga but i pressed pin instead of shield lol. kill me now plz thanks.


Did a similar thing not too long ago with Stegodeus. Thought thagomizer still needed a turn to recharge and used rampage instead. Would’ve won if I had used thagomizer :sweat_smile:

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If I do something I wanna hide for (cloak facing a Suchotator - have one myself but sometimes forget it has nullify) I hope the opponent knows I just “accidentally” hit cloak :laughing: