The ultimate *speedtie* solution

When conditions met, the lower HP goes 1st.
If both bear the same HP, the very first scenario in which the speedtie occurs will be determined by a toss-up mechanic. The winner who goes 1st will then have to hand over the priority to the other if same premise met, and repeat it henceforth.


Please can you guys pass on these words? @J.C @Isabelle @Jason @Marek @Sara and whomever I miss in the tag.


Yes. Speed ties are atrocious.

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Why not just make it a 50/50 each time this occurs. That has to be fairer.

More RNG oriented get to mean fairer?

No. I hate luck based actions. Just with dodge/evasive I‘d lose every speed tie.
Then I‘d rather have the current option.

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The current option is a joke, ludia need to address this


Yes, a 50/50 chance would be the fairest way to resolve this. Any other option is just going to cause more arguments.


I don’t like the current way speed ties are done, but any speed tie that depends on rng would be waaaaay worse. And I’m not sure the lower hp going first is a good idea either, cuz then a single hp erlidom could beat one with almost full hp?

When there is a speed tie, the game should provide a complex mathematical calculation query and the one who solves the it first will get priority.

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And have RNG give it to your opponent all the time when your super unlucky?

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Please interpret how this will be the best??? Guess thor is your favorite

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So does a faster erlidom or a higher level erlidom. Then you know it’s not supposed to be facing a lower HP in the mirror fight.
If higher HP goes first, match will turn lopsided.

What if we turn it into a minigame?

When 2 dinos are tied, a slider appears on the bottom of the screen with a little knob. It’ll move back and forth across the slider and goal is to get it as close to the middle point as you can. If it’s hard to visualize, think of those sliders in JWTG code 19s. The person who lands their slider closest to the middle wins the speedtie.

This makes speedties far more dependent on skill and accurate timing.


Further interpretation: When the current trash speedtie conditions are met:
1). If the two have different respective HP, the lower one always goes 1st.
There will be strategic planning involved, talk about a lower HP dino for a comeback; or the leading dino should anticipate whether to hit harder and lose a second speedtie or deal a scratch to regain it.

2). If the two have same HP, the speedtie winner will be determined by toss-up. The priority will switch from one to the other and so on, whenever the aforementioned condition is met.
There’s no better resort when this occurs. Completely hand it to RNG upsets players, completely hand it to server end upsets the heck out of players! Thus there will be at maximum only one time when speedtie is determined by RNG.

You’re not always going to be super unlucky. And that definitely beats losing 90% of the time.

It seems a much better fit for the solution to the 2nd scenario. Then RNG and latency factor are completely eliminated.

I don’t see how anyone could vote for the current system with a clear conscience, knowing they’re throwing some of us under the bus for even longer.

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Yes, that is exactly what we want… @Ludia_Developers… please do this to JWA speedties.

Again, how about we eliminate speed ties completely? Just have both attacks land together.

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