Only speculative atm, but with enough support it could be a reality…Ik as a gamer having choices over my teams selection and maneuvers are paramount to control your destiny.

Under the current scheme you can pick your favorite eight, after that you would have a better chance at winning a lottery than the actual four you would like to use.

To ensure no one can continue using the same four the measures can be added in various ways.

Secondly, each Dino on the team runs and reruns the same worn out pre-canned twitch with very little change in the outcome of each match.

Personally I have found this to be very boring from the start. Now, I don’t even have to bother look at the screen to know what’s going to happen next :sleeping:

My suggestion would add a bit of liveliness to the matches to have the able to select your chosen team. Now couple in dynamic screen capabilities to launch preemptive strikes and counter strikes that would take this game to a whole new level of competition. :+1:

And after that RNG takes over…

I guess RNG will always to some extent be a part of every game. My experience with user input there is less…User error and RNG are not really the same entity.

When you have pre-canned programs that’s when you have the greatest Quantity of RNG…

User error on the hand, well you can kick yourself for about 95% of your losses.

I would prefer those odds where I can improve verses those that I cannot because they are the by product of pre-canned programs…

So much talk about RNG, yet it seems there is very little interest in moving away from the real issue causing it. Everyone, on this forum must know using pre-canned programs for battles will create RNG!

It will never get better it’s due to the law of cause and effect. The DEV’s can nerf or enhance forever it will only move the issues around and around. I have seen this senecio played out in so many other games…It will just become yet another never ending story. :eyes: