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The Uncanny Valley (Creepy Subject Matter)

“In aesthetics, the uncanny valley is a hypothesized relationship between the degree of an object’s resemblance to a human being and the emotional response to such an object. The concept suggests that humanoid objects which imperfectly resemble actual human beings provoke uncanny or strangely familiar feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.”

In short: as things begin to act or appear “more human” we tend to get more freaked out by it to a certain point. With Moschops animations and Eremotherium, I feel like we’ve gotten close to this point - maybe even a little bit Andrewsarchus. But I feel that if they were to introduce, say, Gigantopithicus, we may encounter this phenomenon. What do you guys think? Will this ever become a threat in the game?

Hopefully not, otherwise, we’d have to call it Neanderthal world

It wouldn’t even have to be Neanderthals. Honestly, anything that even remotely resembles a human can induce this effect.

(Creepy music starts to play)

Doesn’t it have to be very human-like to enter the valley though? Based on what I’ve read, at first the increased humanness is a positive thing, then it starts to become uncanny, then it starts to become positive again (though more steeply).

Or is the valley in a different place depending on the type of subject being observed? Like, I find Toothless’ face cute, but Rathalos’ uncanny, even though neither is nearly as human-like as some non-uncanny robots.

You be the judge:


I think that last one is a big too much.

I think I get it now. I was considering the organism as a whole, when it’s only the face (or other human-like feature) that should be considered.


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…or it can be movements or other features. There’s just something that can be “two human.” This is why I mentioned Moschops. Nobody would ever say that it “looks human,” but its animations are not completely unlike a man in a rubber suit. Think: Zuul Dogs.

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I might have to TW this thread… :grimacing:

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A chimp in a robot dog costume?

We all fear that day when quadrupeds dinosaurs can stand up and clench their fists

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I used to hear about the uncanny valley and accepting it as true without thinking much about It. But If you really think about it, the things that are creepy don’t necessarily have to have a high resemblance to humans or be “too human”, they just need to have creepy features. I’m not the one coming up with this tho, I’ve seen a pretty compeling argument about the innacuracy of the uncanny valley here:


Okay, so I get what you mean and I do agree. Saying a the T-rex doesn’t look creepy because it isn’t supposed to resemble a human is a nonsensical argument. So yes, the Uncanny Valley as a theory may not be a sound, scientific theory.
I guess the point I was trying to get across has more to do with in-game animals resembling humans or being “human-like.” I think Ludia would have to be really careful with something like Gigantopithecus so as not to give the impression that you’re darting something that’s “almost human.” I’m not worried about them adding something like Mamenchisaurus since that would be unlikely to trigger such a response. Then again, I never thought something like Moschops would illicit the “man in a rubber-suit” response. So Is there a better name for that phenomenon?

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True, i agree with you. And even as I agree with the point of the video, i personally think that some stuff with human features could look really creepy If done right(or wrong? Lol)
You have a point about adding gigantopithecus, tho If they make It look similar to a gorila or orangutan in its features i think It won’t look as human like since gorilas are not recognized as human. But yeah, we can’t really avoid the similarity between us and other primates, as we are well, primates.
About the ethics of darting stuff, well, we don’t really bat an eye over the morality of slavery of living creatures that get stuck in a ball and used to fight(Pokemon), a similar thing happens in this game so as far as ethics go we already crossed some imaginary lines here :laughing:

As for this phenomenon having another name i have no ideia, i personally think it’s fine to call It uncanny valley, but just change the meaning of It, “it’s not the amount of similarity with humans but rather the amount of features generally considered creepy that makes It uncanny”, tho that’s just an idea, there’s nothing official about It as far as i know :laughing:

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