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The underrated Swap In Strike


In general I feel like people don’t use the new Swap In tactics too much. One that is especially underrated that has won me lots of matches is Dracorex and his Swap In Strike. When the opponent is ready with his Velociraptor (with a little below half health) thinking that he’s won it all… and BOOM! :boom: Dracorex is there to ruin his day :joy: I imagine this must piss people off quite a lot

Certainly one of my team favorites!


That’s fun to use. But then his health is so low that the opponents next Dino destroys him.


I’ve finally decided to take advantage of this myself - except instead of Dracorex, I use my level 15 Irritator Gen 2. It can come in handy… as far as the SiS goes… I’m still trying to figure out how to incorporate the plain moveset with my gameplay right now.


Best one I have seen is when I bait the invul out of a trag with indom then cloak and as shield runs out they swap in the hybrid flyer completely dissolving the rampage that would have ko trag just after its shield dropped. Also the bleed sia that is definitely bugged!


Unless it’s the last turn! :smiling_imp:


Swap in tactics in general is not that useful in the higher arena n velociraptor is not a commonly used dino there


It got more of an advantage with a much higher health yes! And you got the ready to crush advantage if you survive that long and keep the effects.

I use Dracorex because of the Swap Strikers he does the most damage, and I need to get him to level 20 to make myself a hybrid anyways!


Oh yes true. But to keep the ultimate element of surprise, I try to use the other three dinos that I may have in the team before I use Irritator. I have to use her as a last resort, or else, they’ll start to build a plan around countering her and switching at the last minute as well.

To me it only works when there’s a Raptor chilling in the back, waiting to clinch the last minute (and otherwise guaranteed) win.


Does the SI strike happen before opponent attacks?


Yup. Its glorious.


After all, Dracorex must be level up until lv20.
Find some way to use it before able to create the hybrid is great.:smile:

I think they might give some high class hybrid SWAP IN IMPACT/RAMPAGE in the future.
Just like they give Alankylo a SWAP IN INVINCIBILITY.


Yes, after the swapping(s) the Swap In Effects has #1 priority :grin:


Yeah, me too. You seem to have more intelligent opponents than me though :joy:
That’s the ideal situation indeed.
Also it was easier to keep the Dracorex alive before when you could swap it out after 1 turn, but now it has to be on for 2 turns, so that is more of a challenge

Here is a nice combo though that I often use in strike events:
Delta - Rampage 1’st turn. Impact and run 2’nd turn
Dracorex - gets swapped in and immediately does the Swap In Strike


I use a full switch in team when I do the lower level Strike Tower battle. It’s fun throwing around Dracorex and Mono Gen 2 and even plain old Sucho all over the place. I even accidentally found out about Giraffatitan’s Strike in Ability; it was the greatest thing for me to discover at the time xDDD


I’ve only done a little experimentation with the SIA and I like the added strategy. I’ve been meaning to sit down and work out which dinos would complement each other in order to incorporate the SIA more completely into my battle plans. That means darting a few dinos I’ve previously ignored. :joy:


It would be fun to try out these swap in abilities. But until the fortune of coins I need to get one of these lower tier Dino’s up to level 23+ like the rest of my team, shows up one morning… I’ll have to stick to the basics


Dracorex has been great fun.

Mines currently at 19. Definitely want the Utarinex. Every reason to spend coins on Dracorex levels might as well use it.


Hehe yeah most of the swappers are dinosaurs you wouldn’t even consider putting on your team before, and as you say a lot of the time wouldn’t even care to dart DNA from :yum:


I’ve been playing around with the swap in skills. Feels a little nostalgic having my Trike gen 2 back off the bench.


Hehe might as well have some fun while doing it!

Giraffatitan is on my regular team. Pretty awesome with this Swap In Slow and Bellow, when trying to take out raptors and the long list of other faster creatures :grin: