The unequal game play


The game shows consistent unequal game play. Losing every battle by having opponents make multiples moves to your one. Is in effect the game forcing you to spend real money to get to higher levels…
The level of unhappy people continues to rise


It was worse before but these days the pairing up of contestants in a battle is way better. I used to meet lvl 25 dinos when my best was a lvl 20. Nowadays it is only 1-2 lvl difference which is acceptable.


The game does not EVER “give” your opponent 2 turns to your 1, your opponent did something to create this situation. You may be fighting dinos youre unfamiliar with or ill-equipped to counter but thats not the game giving someone extra turns. We see these post frequently and the answer seems harsh but its simply honest, you reached a wall. You have to either grind till you’ve overcome or pay for the shortcut.


The only time it gives out a 2 turn advantage is when your opponent changes to a slower dino. You lose 1 turn for changing and another for being slower.


Exactly right, for instance I recently finally broke 4000 but was knocked way back down to 3700 or so, the way I see it either myself (skill wise) or my team simply aren’t 4000 worthy thus I didn’t belong there to begin with.

In time I will belong though :wink: