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The unique event - a huge mistake

Trigger warning - personal opinion.

Roughly at 5000 in aviary and I personally think the unique event was a huge mistake. While it gave everyone a chance to get some unique dinos on their squad, it also helped to artificially inflate the levels of the uniques that people already have. I myself had just created tryko, and was able to level it right up to 25 with the event. I feel uniques should be (have been?) the dinos you strive for. You grind (or spend a :poop:pile of money) to get them. You learn how to use them and develop your abilities in the arena.

Now I am facing nothing but 26+ trykos and 28/30 thors. It has created monsters in the arena that are akin to the old fashioned OP stegod. Over leveled with ease and able to bash on everything. Distract? Doesn’t do a whole lot when these things crit, especially when they are leveled so high that they can pretty much one shot (with a crit) most anything. Shields are useless, armor is useless. Now, I don’t think these are OP dinos, but it sucks that they’re all over the place.

It also has accelerated the boring repetitive nature of the arena. Oh boy… now everyone has the same dinos. Even I’m guilty of it (to a degree). There is an extreme lack of variety in teams.

What do others think? Does the arena need a MAJOR shake up?


Agree with the OP,once again
10 dino,thats actually what the game mean you to play

The arena has been broke from day 1.


The problem once you get to about team level of 20 you are forced to level up only the dinos you know are all around good. I would love to keep using diplotator but for f2p each level up past 21 is pretty much a weeks worth of coins


Im in the same case…
I would like to play raptors but they sucks past lvl 24
I would like to play einiasuchus but same
I would like to play T-rex but no,he don’t even stand a chance (if he don’t crit )on equal level on 1 vs 1 against dracoceratop.
And your hands are tieds to play those Apex1 or tyrant else,you loose trophy.
Things have became worst with the unique event because it shine the true problem


I’m not sure if Ludia even cares. They seem to be in it for the money. I honestly don’t see this game lasting much longer. How many players leave per week?

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Their will be a massive leaving soon.

Join the discussion on Reddit:

The community will not stand this any longer.

Unless they make a new game, I feel like next Jurassic movie will bring a bunch of new changes to attract a new player base

Is there another movie in the works? I’ll check IMDB.

2021 projected… That’s a long way off for this game to struggle and sputter forward. lol

Two years :sweat_smile:
Summer of 2021

news flash. those dinos at those levels existed at 5k for awhile now.


I’m not mad about it but I think two attempts would have been better and everyone would be really Psyched about it still.
Ludia can’t win though. People complain about literally every thing they do.

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you dont congregate at certain trophy levels just because you were able to level up your dinos… you move up unless you are dropping intentionally.

more competition. hopefully they implement some of the community’s ideas on how to make current creatures more relevant because i do agree that the same dinos are boring. i have a great idea that i wish they would add.

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Let’s count.

For a player with a level 16 Akyntrosaurus to unluck TRYKO.

To level up you need 50 kentro + 50 Ankylo = Minimum 10 ANKYNTRO

Level 16 - 17 = 100 DNA = Maximum 500 Kentro + 500 Ankylo
Level 17 - 18 = 150 DNA = Maximum 750 Kentro + 750 Ankylo
Level 18 - 19 = 200 DNA = Maximum 1000 Kentro + 1000 Ankylo
Level 19 - 20 = 250 DNA = Maximum 1250 Kentro + 1250 Ankylo

Total free without leveling up any of this!

FREE 3500 DNA from Kentro
FREE 3500 DNA from Ankylo

And saving evolving cost of 155.000 coins.

THEN You need minimum 250 DNA to unlock the TRYKO.

In other words.

200 DNA T-trex for every fuse + 50 ANKYNTRO (maximum 250 Kentro + 250 Ankylo)

Maximum 10 x 25 fuses to unlock the UNIQE

200 T-Rex x 25 fuses = 5000 (!!) DNA
50 Ankyntro x 25 fuses = 1250 Ankyntro ( 6250 Kentro DNA + 6250 Ankylo DNA)

The UNIQE level 21 !

And some people got TRYKO to level 22 or even 23+

Do you see how strange this is…???

MABY (or probably) I have counted a bit wrong, if anyone have time, please lock at the Numbers.


I really understand people are upset.


so whats the problem? did you not partake aswell? its an event. we need events. they make the game fun.


If a dino is so out of line with the rest of an opponent team it causes vulnerability. Good thing Ludia made an easily counter for such a team. DC makes them mortal.

You wanna know what a bigger problem is? Ludia having monstrosities like Apatosaurus & Stygimoloch G2 running around! I mean, Apatosaurus has ungodly amounts of Life AND damage! And Stygimoloch G2 has access to a no Cooldown, No delay shielding skill! It can always have a shield tell me how that’s not OP!?


I thought it was a good event in the beginning, but I’m slowly changing my mind… Exactly because the dinos are even more repetitive now. High level players always say this, and now even in Lockwood we can see it. Tryko and Erlido used to be a rare sight for me there, and now they’re everywhere. Every battle is usually with the same faces: Thor, Tryko, Indoraptor, Dracocerat, Utarinex or Utasino… A chosen tank, usually Stegod or Trago. Eventually more and more Magna and Dilorach as you approach Aviary. I don’t remember the last time I was surprised by an unexpected dino.


Maybe there should be a different limit based on level or some kind of level indication. So that it gives players who are struggling a chance while giving others a rather small boost. But then I think we would have more complaints than we do now. Idk but I liked the event though I could not pick and choose.

Sort of like the towers also. There’s no way in hell for an avg player to win those towers that was destruction tower.

In Aviary you also see a lot of I-Rex around 4500-4900 trophy, because at that range, Thor and Trykosaurus are on literally every team, so most people completely negate classic tanks, and Indom shines against all the glass cannons in that arena range.

There are also a bunch of Tenotorex (cause Trykosaurus), some Spinotasuchus and Tryostronix (because of Trykosaurus and Erlidominus)… Then there is the occasional Tragodistis, Touramoloch, Diorajasaurus or Monostegotops used by people having a specific team synergy in mind.

Then there are the really rare specialists in one out of 50 matches, like Proceratomimus, Edmontochungus, Blue and Delta.