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The Unique Monstrous Hybrid Spinolansaurus!


This weird pterosaur uses its sail to maneuver more while flying, making it very stable and it can easily fly long distances. Spinolansaurus loves to fish, but will eat almost anything that can fit its jaw. By @Cheeseeater .

I only create The ilustración card. Abilities and Stats was made by our friend!!. I know that You have a enormus imagination!! But i only Design card id of the Creatures jeje, But the real Spinolansaurus can’t export yo This reality at 100%. I hope yo meet Your expectations. Thanks for faith and trust!!


Rexy + Bumpy + Blue
Rarity: Unique (Epic + Epic + Epic)
Health: 4800
Damage: 1500
Speed: 103
Armor: 30%
Critical Chance: 20%
Resilient Strike
Evasive Impact
Defence Shattering Rampage
Long Invincibility
On-Escape Aggression (+50% damage, +30% critical chance)
Swap in Minor Distraction (50%)
Vulnerability 100%

Not sure if you take suggestions, but would be really cool if you could make a card for this. An armoured tyrannosaur with some Blue genetic influence


Good!! :wink: If You can wait a little ill do My Best!!


I love it! That profile picture is so good! And the photoshopping, just really good all around! Thank you so much!


I did the better possible :sweat_smile::grimacing:

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I can tell. Looks amazing!

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that the devastation can clean distraction and that in the long invincibility it does not have DoT but has as passive the counterattack of Spinoconstrictor

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I like the wounding counter attack. Also love the Profile Picture. Spinonyx is one of my favorite hybrids.

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…i would really like to see profile pic of…

i know ive been posting in multiple threads about this i just rly want it to come

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Good just wait a time :slight_smile: the next month arrive!!

@Dinoboy3645 oh… Only Profile picture ?

I did make it a while ago. Someone requested it, so I made it. I can post the creature here.

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