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The Unloved Dino


Just wondering…

Why nobody is talking about Wuerhosaurus? I see it has decent stats and movesets. May create a powerful Epic/Legendary hybrid.

Hopefully the devs will look into it…:blush:

A hybrid of Wuerhosaurus and Giraffatitan - for an Epic dino; or
A hybrid of Wuerhosaurus and Brachiosaurus - for a Legendary - a relatively more expensive version of Stegod.


  1. Superiority Strike;
  2. Thagomizer;
  3. Rampage;
  4. Bellow/Instant Cripple.

Now Brachi has some use…:blush:


I love Wuerhosaurus!


Wuerho is great. I levelled him up until lvl 15 and was part of my helping me reach 3550 trophies…when i got legendaries i kicked him out of the team as he was not the best oprion anymore to bring me to arena ruins. Since i have not increase his level to lvl 20, i actually still dont know if he could be good in my team for arena Ruins


I’d like a Wuerhosaurus + Utahraptor (or any raptor, expect the common one) hybrid. It could be a defensive raptor who obviously wouldn’t get access to Pounce (due to the Armor weighing it down so it can’t jump like other raptors :P) just a thought I had…


LOL. Just this morning I was thinking about the possibility of having a hybrid of whero and Giraff !! I have more than 4000 DNA from each of them and I’ve never had them in the sand.


In early stages of game, he was great. Killed so many raptors with him.