The upcoming gen 2s

I’ve know that a kaprosuchus gen 2 is coming but here are some more that i think will be added

Tournament :
Plesiosaurus gen 2
Sarcosuchus gen 2
Allosaurus gen 2
Dimetrodon gen 2
Titanoboa gen 2
Ceratosaurus gen 2

Legendary :
Monolophosaurus gen 2
Koolasuchus gen 2
Spinosaurus gen 2
Stegosaurus gen 2
Carnotaurus gen 2
Quetzalcoatlus gen 2

Super rares :
Gallimimus gen 2
Diplocaulus gen 2
Tapejara gen 2
Diplodocus gen 2


utah gen 2 would be cool

Pachy gen 2 would be.Cool also

Yes but i hope they make rare gen 2s that we get a rare utharaptor

i would really like stegosaure gen 2 and then stegoceratops gen 2

I think triceratops gen 2 is planned for dracoceratops


that would be great too

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I would hope for the stegankytops

Bring Sarcosuchus gen 2

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is kapro gen 2 confirmed?

Yes there was a picture not too long ago