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The upcoming new meta (next update)


As most players would know by now, the meta shifted from raptor to tanks, eg. steogodeus and the likes. Now everyone is gunning for the tanks.

This will change with dot (damage over time) after the next update. Since damage is based on % of max hp, it doesn’t matter how massive your tank is, it’s going down fast.

I believe that Ludia is going to “rebalance” the game using next update so I think it would be prudent to not to dump excessive resources into tanks only to see them nerfed like the raptor squads


Don’t forget that a lot of tanks have superiority strike. The cleanse will remove the DOT effect (I think the tank will take some DOT from the initial hit, but it’s not a guaranteed kill). Swapping will also save any hit dino from a DOT kill. This update will create another wrinkle in battle strategy, but it’s not a nerd and won’t render tanks useless.


Do you guys think Spinotasuchus will be common in this new meta?


I can see him as a good counter against dinosaurs like Stegoceratops, Mono, Rajakylo, Indoraptor and Trykosaurus.


Tbh they need to make some tank killer more effective but 33% heath lose per turn? Thats just op


I think T rex needs a buff.


Carnotaurus definitely needs a buff to hp, speed, and damage.


I’m not sure if it’s rebalancing or rather “promoting” damage over time… I don’t know if it’s true at all levels (I am at 3300 - 3450), but, currently, I don’t see damage over time being used, except for the very occasional Suchotator… I feel Ludia is mostly trying to bring back to the game a feature that feels useless right now…


It sounds like a stupid update because then any noob can benefit off the hard work I put in to level my dinos. They should have to level up to do more damage, not rely on your opponent to be high level and just suck the health away with some level 10.


Pterosaurs. The new meta involves being pecked to death by flying reptiles.

This won’t break the arena, right? Crash! (yelling and screaming)


yes, I agree.

those ladies are strong, but a reason that
players don’t want to play them is their speed.

102~106 speed is too slow for them.

and, you know what’s more ridiculous?

brachiosaurus got 111 speed.
(you must be joking me ludia :<)


before defense shattering abilities
and 50% decreasing damage of pounce
added in this game,
counter attackers were the srongest ones
in this game.

and before last update, raptors
(specially velociraptor) were dominated
battle arena.

and now, stegodeus and their superiority friends
are crushing everything except armor piercers.

but dot(damage over time) update?


stegodeus will kick their scaled asses.


just like thegamingbeaver said in JW the game,

they will peck out all the eyeses


Have you seen the size of Quetzalcoatlus? That thing had a wingspan the same as a single-engine Cessna 182! Its head was longer than a man is tall, and was mostly beak!

What you call “pecking out the eyeses”, I call “getting pegged through the skull by the world’s largest lawn dart”. LOL