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The update ate my game and made me start over!

We are super unhappy. The iPad forced an update to the game and we lost all of our game data. Grrrrrrr. I have an inconsolable 9 year old who does not understand what happened. Is there any way to reload the data? Please help.

Support key: -edited-

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That’s definitely not good :frowning: But if you had your game connected either via Facebook or Google Play (I’m on android, I’m not certain if that’s also what is used for Apple products? Either way, there should be another option besides FB) then it should be as simple as connecting once again. Your progress will get reinstated.

If that is not the case, then you will need to contact support. They’re very busy right now, and it might take a bit to get back to you, but they’ll do so as quick as they’re able to get you guys back up and running.

Also, please don’t post your support key here, that should be for the support team only.

The email for support is, if you’d like to contact them outside of the game itself, which I’m sure will be easier to do with your game being reset. I hope it gets worked out quickly! :+1:


Did you ever get your kid’s game restored? Going tha similar situation for seven weeks now.

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