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The uselessness of the Tyrannosaurus Topiary

I am at level 76 and therefore I have recently unlocked this deciration, but it is rather useless to me compared to a Tar Pit…
So don’t you think that Ludia should enhance this decoration???


Honestly every decoration except park oasis and John hammonds (triceratops sculptures and geysers in lower levels) aren’t good for boosting coin production.

But some like tropical boulevards are really nice to look at. I would really like them to make more non-vip decorations (hopefully some of them will have decent boosts too) like trees that can make the park look more realistic because park layout design is probably the most over looked part of the game imo.


This I know, but considering the fact that I already have the maximum amount of money available and when I spend it it takes little time to recover it, I like to have a beautiful park and have at least one building and one decoration of all those proposed in the game, to this I wish that at least Tyrannosaurus topiary was a little more useful, at least I don’t have to put only tar pits with that size…

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I would like to add my own aspect to this in hope to help you decide by seeing another one’s approach.

I have an enourmously high sense of aestethics throughout my whole life in every possible feature I face, so it is valid for this game and was for the previous one too. On that one all but nothing I think was about the beautiness of my layouts, especially in those other two areas (since we had that chance to decorate, good old memories :_ ) but for this game, game design is more focused on the jurassic side and also layout has a critical role in earning resources. Coin production is so very essential since you can limitlessly generate every other sources and by numbers in theory, if you have a solid daily coin earning.

Up until now, I can hear you saying “Yeah we are all agree on that, so what is your deal?”. Yep, I know this game is designed for nothing but slow progression by all means unless you are willing to invest some real money. So every single player, starter or endgamer, is forced to decorate their parks in the most ideal way possible to make that progression faster. That is why we always talk about the coin traps, best decos, etc. But in my case, I basically don’t. Yeah, don’t. I mean I want my park to be as my dream park if ever I had the chance to build one in real life. For exp. creating a special space for TRex as it is presented in the movie series. At least on my Isla Nublar. Sadly I am more than aware of these facts I previously mentioned and had to gather all my well producing creatures on Isla Sorna, in the most giving way possible. But even there, I tried to make it beautiful.

I even left some expansion free areas to make it look more natural for a jungle themed environment. I still try to keep my inner passion of my real ideal of Jurassic Park franchise, far more than the game’s current relentless need of resource earning. If you are one of a guy who use the game to travel back to your childhood, like me, then put every single decoration and building to create a sense of an alive park. :slight_smile: If you are not, than you know the way. You can see the main title as, “Jurassic World: Clock Towers”. :slight_smile: