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The Vantablack Tyrant - A Mix of Defense and Terror

Created as an accidental experiment, this unique creature gets it’s beauty from the genes of Yutyrannus and Lythronax, and the metallic armour of the mysterious creatures that lurk in the deep dark Titanium Kingdom.

Known to hunt it’s prey with intricate stealth, this nocturnal dominator knows how to move without making a single sound and, using the ability to flutter it’s cerebrum spikes, confuses the prey. As the target stands dazzled by the soothing sound, the monster immediately reveals itself, and the miserable prey knows that it has no escape.

Legend says it has escaped from it’s original habitat and is still out there, looking for unsuspecting targets for another easy meal.

Named as the Vantablack Tyrant, this devious creature will find you wherever you’re hiding.


It looks like a Robot a bit. The description is amazing though.


Thanks @anon43877113, that’s an awesome pfp change!

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Thanks. It’s a pteranodon

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Vantablack Tyrant. That’s a menacing name.


Cool! Looks like this should be a Chaos Effect toy.

Vantablack. I like that. Does it absorbs 99% light?

For real though, vantablack is mesmerizing to look at. If a creature had these properties it would have a real competitive advantage. Especially if nocturnal.


@Trexy haha yes it does! Thanks for the feedback :blush:

Imagine if this was a JWTG creature!.. :sweat_smile:

It would look like a black blob

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I have one in my park. It’s one of my best creatures. :wink:



@Trexy… I cannot explain how nicely this thing looks in that paddock! How did you do that? It looks SO cool !

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For very long I wanted to start working on my animated dinosaur movie and made so many ideas but never could do it. So I keep designing stuff every now and then hoping that when I get time to make my movie I can incorporate these creatures.

You my friend have given me a perfect color scheme for the (very minor but satisfying) appearance of the Vantablack Tyrant!:smiley:

@Jurassic_Fury I’m pretty good with Photoshop. It’s been a hobby of mine for many years.

Stay creative my friend. Don’t lose that gift.

It’s a very special thing. To have something in your mind and then bring it to fruition.


@Trexy sure, thanks! If and when I start working on my movie, I’ll definitely let you guys know what I’m doing so that I can hear all your amazing ideas.

I’ll also try to sneak in some JWTG references :wink: