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The vip thing is honestly laughable

Like really. you expect us to shill out more money when like you can’t even update the routes you have going to the point you’re sitting on a pile of not updated routes for months and good lord if you’re looking for the women to update, you might as well start blood sacrifices. I wouldn’t be complaining if there was like content to justify the implementation of something like this but there’s just… not, not when the daily gems give you more than enough diamonds when you’re just waiting for updates.


I truly understand how you feel about that, after I purchased it I thought the same but I have a feeling (and I hope I’m not wrong) that they implemented this because they will keep bringing back this month other characters. So far it seems that Skylar is back <.<


There’s a few characters I wish would come back and some they’d release for the first time.


Not gonna lie, I want them to release Gabe Scott so bad @_@


I thought the same thing. There’s, like, one active character right now and he’s just a diamond mine for me.

There’s no way I would pay for ViP account ATM because I’d be paying for nothing.

I can only assume they have major updates in the pipeline. But, on the otherhand, the devs haven’t proven to me that they aren’t only in it to get our money so we’ll see.


I did the math and it’s $131.88 in total if someone wants VIP every month for a full year. It’s a bit to much and seems like a sad desperate cash grab from the company to me. Honestly I’d never be able to afford that ever.


I was thinking the very same thing after I signed up lol. It is a ton of money for no content at all. I doubt I will renew it next month if nothing changes. I mean we had Skylar back for what felt like 5 seconds and the diamonds used for that alone was insane to say the least. Now Theo and Mika are gone too :sob::sob: I kind if wish I hadn’t bothered buying it tbh.


hey everyone >.< I just got a like and I don’t wanna give some spoilers so I’m gonna blurry everything in case someone wants to know an update I got:

I bought the VIP and I got a like and it seems that Dr. Vile liked me and got a new chat from him :smiley:


Have to say, I was surprised they’d roll out something like a VIP package when they’re having so many issues keeping up with/creating story lines. I’ve been playing this since it was first released through what’s your story and as much as I enjoy it, it’s literally embarrassing how long it takes them to produce new content. I see that Jonathan is back today… he was the first character I matched with in AUGUST of last year. That’s 6 months :joy: I don’t see how they can think people will be excited to pay a monthly fee for an app that hasn’t proven to be able to create enough content to keep users from becoming frustrated. Maybe roll something like this out once you get a handle on the demand for updated stories.


So here’s my take. They have plenty of content stockpiled now, they’ve been working behind the scenes all this time, and now that vip is out we can expect regular updates and lots of vip only content. I subscribed and I think it’s gonna be worth it. We’ll see!


Hi there, well when their will be awesome exclusive characters, events, new pics, would be a VIP thing nice. But 10 bucks is is not worth. Looking forward hehe

I think the same than @shauna_Ann. I have mixed feelings too but the fact they took so many time and one of the Mods said “they were working about an shecedule of updates” makes me think that they have plenty of content and that some of the characters that we couldn’t match will be for the VIP.

So far Skylar came back and then Jonathan so probably they will be releasing more characters but slowlier so they will have plenty of content for months.

This is just my guess >_<


If all the new characters who’ve been floating around with no content suddenly become ViP only content, that will make me uninstall in all honesty.

Fingers crossed I’m wrong.


They probably will but from what I’m reading, the way it works is that they are VIP exclusive for four days and then they will be available to everyone.


Having Jonathan back just adds to the list of characters I’m just reading for diamonds only and I hope Dr Vile will be decent but they’ve barely rolled out any female character content except for Dahlia/Rose, Jade and Evaline, Hazel,Ruby and her counterparts and updates to Grace/Clementine, Angel’Emmalyn since last September

I mean maybe I’m in the minority here but it’s $10 a month… and you get double diamonds for your check in’s so that’s nice. Sure when you add it up for a year it’s a lot but I’m okay with skipping a few fancy coffees to see what they have to offer.

I don’t think there’s any vip only matches, although that wouldn’t offend me even if I didn’t pay- I’m talking like one or two. I don’t think all the unmatchable people should be vip only, I think there will always be counterparts/randoms so that you have someone to swipe as you slowly waste away waiting for content.

Maybe my $10 will allow them to hire more people to write stories. Maybe it won’t. Maybe after a month or two I’ll stop paying but for now I’m willing to see how it goes.

I’d still like the option to restart a damn conversation because after 6 months I don’t really remember everything about my military friend :joy::joy::woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:


Sadly I’ll never be able to afford it even if I were to decide that I wanted it. A lot of other games I play have VIP priced at $4.99 and some at $6.99. For me having extremely limited ways to make money it would still be pushing it but it would be more viable. I’m sure if it were a bit cheaper a lot more people would be willing to try VIP.


I agree. The only VIP I would be subscribing to is if it made all the choices free.

Otherwise there is no point. It’s just taking money for nothing. You’d still have to pay for diamonds and an extra 15 diamonds isn’t worth the money especially when choices are usually 10x that.


It honestly started out quite good. But now for 2 days straight I have had no likes me choices. What exactly are we paying £10 for? I will defo be cancelling at the end of the month! And I am thinking on just deleting the whole app. Might give MeChat a shot instead! So disappointed. #feelslikeacon


That moment when you haven’t really played the game in awhile cause you are waiting for some characters to un-grey (and quite frankly forgotten to update for awhile… and life…) then you notice this VIP thing.
Sooooo, what I’ve read and am reading is VIP is basically “early access” for content? I mean, I suppose if you can’t wait it would be worth it. Though I would think they would first have a lot more content lined up before releasing this…? Or at the very least more “perks” to VIP cause what I’ve read about, there really isn’t much perks. The whole VIP doesn’t make much sense to me other than $$$. I get it is new but the logistics should be laid out first before considering implementing it imho.

But I’m never really inclined to purchase these things, anyways. I’m a patient person. As long as they don’t screw over patient people, I’m okay and can deal with the constant bombardment of “looky here - VIP!” popping up whenever I enter the app.

I think if they can continually pump out content, then the VIP, I think, eventually would be worth it to those who go for it. My two cents on it.

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