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The vip thing is honestly laughable

Yeah I’m a new player & I tried out VIP for one month and let’s just say I’m disappointed at best. It honestly isn’t worth it, I never see “someone likes you” and those bonus gems get eaten up in 2-3 convos.

That’s also another thing that annoys me. EVERY picture is 300 gems so why would a bonus of 1,000 help anyone. Especially if you have multiple conversations going?¿ I’m now at the point in convos where even the reactions cost. It just seems VERY money hungry and there’s not a lot of gift for the players for me to continue to support the app. So definitely don’t waste your time on VIP.

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Samantha Clark has been stuck on my VIP box for over 5 days, chick won’t leave or take the hint I’m not into you. When I try to click on her to get her to go away I get the evil network error of death, honestly am over it and am not happy with VIP at all.

I’ve emailed support and they emailed me back and said blah blah crap that didn’t even help the situation, gave me 200 :gem: wow really like that does anything when all my matches are grey. I’m beginning to wonder if this game is even worth it at this point anymore, the VIP most certainly isn’t definitely not happy.


I wanted to like vip. But it’s not really worth it to me if the only perk is getting to talk to people a few days early. I mean I’m so used to everyone being gone at this point I’d rather keep my money and wait. That perk means nothing to me honestly.

The extra diamonds are nice I guess but the more I sit and think about it (because, alas, I have no one to talk to… shocker) even that perk isn’t looking like it’s worth it.

I wanted this to be a good thing and I really was going to give it a fair shake but now I’m losing interest in the game altogether when people I’ve been waiting months to talk to barely resurface for two days.

It’s all feeling very meh to me at the moment.


So when VIP was announced I assumed y’all had finally gotten a lot of new content ready for release and I happily subscribed. But after one month we have had 2 new VIP matches, which are available to everyone after 4 days anyway… and double gems for daily check ins. That’s basically it, along with the initial bonus of 1,000 gems.

A friend just showed me a reply from tech support when she asked some questions about VIP which stated that they’re “still working on content” and “it takes time”, which is fine except when you expect people to pay for a subscription. I think VIP was released prematurely if you all don’t have the content for it and I’ve determined it’s not worth it for me and I’ve just unsubscribed.

I can wait 4 days to get a new match, that’s not a huge draw for me. Also, I have 10,000 gems right now and no one to spend them on so it’s not a big deal for me to collect double gems for the check ins since there’s no content to spend on.

Maybe if you would utilize the new mailbox to have matches send VIP members special “emails” and photos in between going gray, that would be a nice perk. Or allow VIP to customize their MC and send pics to our matches of ourselves. Or start releasing more content so we have matches to spend on, then the double gems would be a great perk also. But as it is now, it’s a waste of money for me.

I’m posting this in the hopes that it will be passed along to someone who can make a difference. I know several people who have already unsubscribed from VIP and many others who have gone so far as to delete the game from their device. I have too much money invested to do that, or I would be among them.

If the perks of VIP change or the updates start becoming more often for more characters, I’ll consider resubscribing.


The VIP experience feels like a scam. I’ve been a loyal player since September and have matched with everyone since then. When VIP came out, I thought it was an exciting change. New content would be coming out for the VIP members to enjoy. We got 2 new people all month, who are gray again. I got VIP after Dr. Vile was already available for everyone else because I couldn’t match him for 3 days after the was out. I couldn’t match him until I went VIP. Nicholas I had for half a day (if even?) before he was available to non VIP. The only benefit from VIP was the extra gems, which I didn’t need. I already had 9k sitting there with no one to spend them on.

If Ludia didn’t have content ready, they shouldn’t have released VIP. I respect the hard work that goes into creating the characters and the art, but it wasn’t worth anything close to 10$ of extra content. I could have just waited the 4 days just to prolong having ANYONE to talk to since the rest are all in a grey abyss.

VIP needs a lot of work to be worth the cost. As someone mentioned above, exclusive photos from matches would be a great addition. A discount on pics or some bonus convo VIP options is another idea.

Instead of creating endless drama with some of our favorites like Noah and Austin, let us have our happy ending with us so we can reply the convos we have with them and fall in love with them again. The endless drama is turning us off of them. Then Ludia can focus on new content for new characters/plots.


I was very happy to see the VIP last month, finally some movement we will get new matches and our old ones will come back.
What a disappointment.

Sure we got Albert and Skylar back - that’s amazing we missed them. Didn’t been VIP for that.
We got DrVile and Nicholas Addley- amazing! But they were available for Non VIP 4 days later ( I could wait)

But… for €11 a month it’s not worth it! We get 2 short updates a week regardless if we are VIP or not. The exclusive VIP matches are available 4 days later. So the only advantage is 15 gems more than usual and one time 1000. I already have 5k gems and nobody to spend it on.

There are no new features, like additional dialogue for VIP, mailbox so we can receive emails from our matches ( for example for Valentine’s Day), costumise our MC, or at least repeat the chat ( start from the begging ).

I have 27 greyed out matches that are waiting for the story to be continued, for most of them I don’t even remember the story anymore and I stopped caring.
So instead of bringing the whole VIP subscription that brings no benefits, maybe you should finish the stories first and to bring people’s attention to the game? Because this whole think just smells like greed from afar, just to suck more money from people who believe you will bring something exiting.
I invested a lot of money in this game already and unfortunately last month was the last time, today I unsubscribed from VIP and with whole honesty I no longer enjoy the game, because if feels like a rip off.
It’s sad but I know many people who are very disappointed and no longer invested in this game, it’s a shame because it had am amazing potential. And with a smart approach you could make a lot more money, but you managed to turn a great idea into a pile of nothing.


At first when they updated the game and we got the VIP thingy I started to say here that maybe this was good because it meant that they were going to put more effort and content into this game but sadly… I think that I’m wrong.

I agree with all your comments because after almost a month (or not sure if it has been a month already) I have been seeing that there are nothing valuable in this VIP thing.

Honestly I have so so so much characters that are gone and not coming back. Also I’m seeing that how they are doing their stories and I feel that they are not going in the good path: Austin story, now Skylar seems to have the same vibe… Theo Onasis and his random and useless story because they didn’t do almost no story with him… I don’t know. What can I say about Noah too, oh god, he was one of my faves but now he is tilting me so much.

Having more gems it’s not worth at all because I have more than 5K too. I purchased gems with the update because I thought they would be updating the game and some matches would come back but I’m here stuck with no matches, no new content, and the VIP thing it seems that is almost forgotten lol.

If I’m not wrong also some mods said that they would publish an Update Schedule which I haven’t seen (at least not me).

All in all, I think they have so many good stories and characters and they could get a good profit by updating and giving us more content but they seem that they are just killing this good game >_<


Why bring out VIP if we have no benefit I can’t play until next update as I don’t have the nurse and really 4 the money we pay we should get gems every 3 hours not 5 and just more benefits in general I’m a single mum so I can’t afford to pay for things like this if I don’t get rewards get your act together and bring characters back sooner for longer and if stories aren’t finished don’t release them I’m in Australia so my updates are Wednesday morning and Friday morning so today I can’t play not happy