The 🦦 Vs the 🐍

Lol I been doing some calculations and it really hard to see who wins. But who do you guys thing is better and who would win in a one v one.


So who comes out on top?

  • Dilophoboa
  • Thylacotator
  • Tie
  • Majungasaurs :joy:
  • apatosaurus :rofl:

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Lol okay but for real who win most often

  • :snake:
  • :otter:

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Ps. Results and answer will be posted in one hour

It’s honestly a mind game tho; and it seems being slower is better for once

Lol where’s apato?:joy:
But on a serious note, you miss the venomous counter

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Majungasaurus would win :joy:

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Lol it doesn’t show up when comparing it’s a glitch in the guide

Well I could forget our favorite op beats now could i

Our lord and savior majungasaurus will one shot both of them with it’s short defence and counter attack


Lol but for really it seems that counter may not help the boa that often

That will help boa to win the fight. Once thyla eats the counter, its takedown is no threat. If it goes for prowl, next turn it can expect to get nullified. My vote goes to da big black snake.


Lol but I’d doesn’t have to go for prowl it can just go for superiority and slow it and cleanse the distraction


Also rampage plus null can’t kill the otter nor can 2 rampages; also take into account the bleed since it’s slower thyla bleed will deal a full 1,000 damage plus DoT before that distraction come into play

Good point :thinking: Then actually thyla gets the upperhand. 1 crit is all it needs

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Thyla 100% wins, correct?

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Lol I actually found out sidestep is honestly it’s greatest weakness since it doesn’t no damage and it’s a priority no matter how much it wants to cleanse it it will be slower and it can die from RT or Lethal wound, I know this cause I did it against a Phorusaura today the poor bird just kept trying to outspend me it wasn’t able to :joy:

Actually I say 90% cause of that 5% the snake has to crit on a rampage if it decides to go for double rampage and also 5% thyla doesn’t use bleed it loses so ya I say it wins 90% of the time

Actually even if thyla goes for LW+ RT it still wins cause it think it will be just enough the the bleed will kill the snake.

Edit: did the math if both go for only null/rampage: rampage/ strike and LW// Rendering takedown , thyla wins 100% of the time

Wasn’t thinking that deep haha. With sidestep it usually will get battles tedious. I miss the classic tryko vs. indo OG mindgame.

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Lol same then at least you had a chance to defeat indie

Now it’s dumb luck if it doesn’t get a crit and you go thru it’s evasion with rampage

Although can thyla defeat constructor is my question now?