The wait time to find an opponent is unacceptable

When you reach the higher ranks, you eventually sit there and ask yourself why you did such a thing. The opponents dry up and you spend more time waiting than actually playing. You could be in the arena for an hour and only get 15-20 minutes of actual play time because you just don’t find many opponents, if any. I’m sure there are times when less people are online, so it will be dead here and there. But for some of us, this is what it’s always like. Sometimes a couple of us will search for a match at the same time and can’t even match up. I fight the same people all the time. Sometimes 5 or 7 times in a row over the period of an hour or two because they seem to be the only person I’m allowed to fight at that time. And I feel kinda stupid for complaining about my situation when I heard what the #1 and #2 ranked players have to deal with. Did you know that IDGT will go more than a week without ever finding an opponent? Even if he searches for 2 hours straight, it will just keep searching. Why does this game punish the people who play the most? Is it Ludia’s way of saying that we should play less? We’d rather not, but that’s starting to look like the only option left. Something really needs to be done about matchmaking. It has become a dead zone. I don’t even know what determines who we can match up with anymore because they just leave us in the dark about how things work. Maybe if we knew, we could adjust things and actually play the game. It would at least ease our minds to know what’s going on. It seems like trophy count might be the only thing that determines your opponent now, but I’m not sure. What happened to opening up the last arenas and letting everyone in the arena fight each other? You can’t just let us wander into a trap like the beach and be stuck there with nothing but the sand. Something needs to be done ASAP. Not in 3 weeks. NOW. We have waited long enough.

This video is a typical attempt to find a match. Sometimes it times out after 10 minutes, and sometimes you just search and search and search. This video was originally 10 minutes long but is sped up to 400% speed.


“1 week no human match” thats not a fantasy but a reality?

Ludia must do something! People will scared to go to the top of leaderboard if you continue like this. Even im scared to go to the top if what you give us overthere is just AI & no human.

…its dangerous if this game will be the first game in history that make players afraid to climb leaderboard and feel safe stay at lower benchmark. first of its kind.



In all seriousness, this is why they need 2 arenas. One for boosted and one for non-boosted. While I get what you’re saying, it’s also not fair to players that didn’t pay for boosts to suffer daily beat downs from Top 1-50 players that have Dinos boosted to ridiculous levels. If anything, you should be fighting the same players that want to spend money on boosts. Otherwise, you’ll have a bigger exodus of people leaving if they can’t player similarly ranked players.


I heard it’s cause you’re not good enough to go to the top. Not that you’re scared…:slight_smile: lol

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Boosts are here to stay though. This is the game we have now whether we like it or not. I almost quit but decided to just accept that this is what they have done to it. I don’t spend money on it except VIP. So are you saying that i should fight only free players? Why should i have to fight the big spenders if I’m only spending $10 a month? Not fair!!


Yes, @Dinocop . Its true, im not a good player🙂. i will improve myself…

Attach above is my total boost, and dont worry, you can even ask ludia to check my account if im legit.
Back to the main question here in this post, at the Beach we have problem to meet human & fight only with AI. If you are at my place, will you consume all these hundreds boost above and try to climb? to meet bots?? worst for a 6000 pyroraptors that you dont need?

just forget about me being “not good enough”, thats different story, because i already confess im not a good jwa player🙂

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This issue is exactly why two arenas wont ever work for this game… this game barely has the population to support one ladder based arena… adding another would simply let everyone suffer the way the op is suffering…terrible match ups are better then no match ups.

To the rest of the topic:
Its not just a pop issue though its also a match making issue… Ludia algorithm is clearly not working as described… because as described you wouldnt have a boost issue because you would be paired with equally boosted opponents that is their “official” reason for this match making to begin with and that part is clearly not working most likely by design to help hide the pop issue.

Top of the ladder people almost always have match up issues in ladder based arenas… its expected. According to galaxy data this game has 50k users currently and is around its all time low…
Clash royale… an unfair comparison but they try to model the arena so its the easiest to compare has 3 million. Ive heard the top ladder people in cr complain about 20+ minute que times in the past and they have a huge pop. But 20 minutes is a world away from a week. And their you have other game modes you can still battle on if you want to play… ie 2v2, challenges, special tournament even during the week.

Giving us more options would actually make the problem worse for everyone right now.

Anyone in the top arena should be able to match up. and if someone has been in the que for 10 minutes they need the closest available opponent… boohoo you got wrecked by someone and lost a few minutes of your time that person had to wait 10 minutes just to find a match and youll be done with your next match long before they even find another opponent.


If people get matched with same or similarly boosted teams, what is the point of boosting? How can Ludia sell boosts? So I think it is intenionally made people matched unequally so that people who buy boosts think it is worthy.


This is an effect from only battling players at your strength. So there will be players decently around your range but your “strength doesn’t match”.

The same down lower, many many players in my trophy range (aviary). But the matchmaking pins us against higher players at “strength” (which is bs btw). While the lvl 20’s sneak by without having to face us, because there’s even more of them to always find a match.

And I also think they like it as motivation to buy boosts so we Don’t struggle against harder teams. But then the cycle continues.

I’d be okay to go against you only if I lose like 1 trophy lmao. Knowing this game I’d lose 30.


I don’t think it goes by team strength. At least not where I’m at. I think its a 400 trophy range. I should have no problem matching up with the highest ranked players since my team is heavily boosted and I’m sure theirs are too, but we can’t match up with each other. I searched for a match at the same time as IDGT one day and we both sat there for 10min just searching. No opponents for either of us. When i drop a few hundred trophies, the opponents suddenly show up. Go back up to the beach, and find the same handful of people that were up there last time.

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It because everyone is camping all the time lol

I can see how wanting to fight players and not being able to would be horrible! For sure.

And then those of us in the lower arena pray to fight the AI just to get a winnable match, but it makes it to 1 second and then gives us a team of Stupidosauruses >.<!

One thing you could try in the meantime as a way to keep playing, is swap out all your maxed dinosaurs and put in some lower ones, try have a few matches since your overall team strength will be lower and might be enough to give you opponents.
Since you high rated players tend to have a lot of DNA stockpile, you could work on a B Tier team, and level it up.
for instances your main team of maxed uniques can be your heavyweight squad, then you could have a Middleweight squad and level those up with the DNA excess you probably have.

Basically it would be like having 2 seperate “Progressions”, and since the lower dinosaurs wouldn’t be maxed yet, it would give you something to do, at least until matchmaking is fixed.
I mean it might seem like a waste of DNA, but its not doing anything anyway yeah?

Anyway thats what I would do.

Hope something can be done for you and everyone else also!

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@Evicton “boohoo you got wrecked by someone and lost a few minutes of your time that person had to wait 10 minutes just to find a match and youll be done with your next match long before they even find another opponent”

See the problem is, if someone is constantly getting unfair matches, it will just make them not want to queue up at all, like many have been doing…which makes the issue even worse.

I stopped doing arena for weeks on end simply because it was pointless. But thankfully I came up with my C Team! And now I can arena again!

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Ahh well something is definitely wrong in matchmaking though. We think team strength because every time we level a dino, it queue’s the lvl 29 boosted dino teams with rats. Everytime our team gets stronger the worse it gets lol.


I have noticed though that on the day of a boost sale the matchmaking is horrendous!
Like the night when I got my worst matchmaking yet, which was when my level 15 team got a 22 Indoraptor with 1680 damage and 154 speed…there just so happened to be a boost sale on.

I dunno if its just a coincidence or not, but next boost sale im going to take note of how difficult opponents seem to be, and then compare that to a day without a boost sale.

If it turns out to be the case, ill just not battle on days with a boost sale on!

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Yeah me too. I’m going to watch that. The day boosts are going the opponents start getting worse. Right, might be conspiracy but the same for me last boost sale. I’m going to check it this time.

I really wouldn’t mind trying to take on strong teams, if the trophy loss was fair. If I ran across maxx I bet I would still lose 30 lol.

I shouldn’t have to drop far into Lockwood because mm pins me against beasts and I lose 30. Meanwhile the legendary mostly lvl 20 teams just pass us by because there teams don’t match ours.

I would also suggest to put a b team in or even C and try to have fun. Because its a mess imo right now.


Yeah like in my match with my entire team of level 15s (all epics and one rare) I lost 30 trophies, and this was in Lockdown at sub-3000 rating. Like why am I fighting an Indoraptor 7 levels higher, with a health pool equal to 3 of my dinosaurs combined, and with 154 speed (I don’t have a 154 speed dinosaur AT ALL) and to top it off, 1680+ damage =/

And I lost 30 trophies for that and I couldn’t even make a single kill!

Here is the match for those who have not seen it!

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Oh and might I add that didnt Ludia change the matchmaking to stop arena dropping? well if thats the case its clearly not working and they should just go back to the 1.6 matchmaking!

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TheMaxx what will be the solution to you?

The way matchmaking is right now is that u meet opponents 200 team strength points above or below u.
In your range that r not a lot of people. So it is clear that the top of the leaderboard will not find an opponent very easy.

If it would be made easier for the top to meet opponents, they will get easy wins of those opponents(normally they would have less stronger teams) and then those opponents r going to complain that they have to fight against the top of the leaderboard. So what will be the solution that there r not going to be any complaints from u guys and the ones with less stonger teams?


Im not saying constantly matching them though im say a match making should pairing everyone in the beach first and for most its literally an arena for the top maybe 5% of the game so getting opponents their is gonna be tough to begin with and anything slowing it down should be removed.

When 10 minutes passes they start looking at people just outside of the beach and pair them up… after they fought someone from the beach match making puts a 1 hr timer on them so they dont get an immediate match with someone like that again.

Other wise there is literally zero incentive to be in the top arena… seasons by high score so @Idgt902 may as well drop and get some matches. If he cant find an opponent to improve his score…not alot to gain from staying that high.