The wait time to find an opponent is unacceptable

Yes everything slowing it down needs to go lol. Trophy only, period.

Also, like I say I wouldn’t care if I had to battle those players, If the trophy -/+ was handled well. From what I see now it’s really flawed. Like the video above why should that team lose 30…

There strength setup is flawed badly.


Trophy needs to go for beach too… outside of season 2 when they used bots this game has never had enough players to have selective match making at the top of the ladder…

If you cant play the game their is a fundamental problem that needs addressed… we all complain about match making not giving us fair opponents… but at between 4300-4500 i still get multiple ai matches a day… my take on that is this game doesnt have the pop to do any kind of selective match making.

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If that was the case, i would still fight the same players i was fighting when i was 500 trophies lower than i am right now. The names change as i move up or down. The solution is what they had before. After a certain amount of trophies, it becomes a free for all. Everyone can fight everyone.


If Ludia would just come out and TELL us how matchmaking works we could have some teams setup to get fair matches.
So far in my experience if you level your team, the opponents get harder (which doesn’t make sense since you are stronger now).
If you have a dinosaur much higher than team average you get hard opponents, as I gather a way to stop dropping.
But also if you switch to an all level team (in my case 15s) you STILL get ridiculous opponents =/

I cant see any sort of matchmaking pattern OTHER than the opponent always being stronger then you…which for all we know may be by design.


Matchmaking doesn’t work at all. I’m playing either lvl 29-30 boosted dinos or lvl 21-23 dinos with my team average 24. Matches with similar teams are exceptions.


Yeah the only pattern ive worked out so far is that opponents always seem to be stronger than your own team, no matter which dinosaurs you use.
However some things make the opponents even harder, such as levelling a member of your team, which causes you to LOSE more matches, and go down in trophy rating, which is incredible.

For instance when I levelled my Teno unique from level 23 to level 24, I had been facing Thors with 127 speed, with the occasional 135 speed.
Well after levelling from 23 to 24 they ALL changed to 135 speed Thors by default, and the “occasional” 135 speed Thor I was facing turned into 143 speed occasionally.

Thats when I stopped using arena for weeks till I came up with my C Team, which also still gets stronger opponents.
So far my C Team has never been the stronger one, EVER, not a single time since starting it. Its always the underpowered one.


Yeah by design to motivate players to buy more boosts xD This time lets examine this boost day matches lol.


You something that we should consider, is the interesting silence from Ludia. Generally in life someone in say a relationship for instance goes silent when they stop caring enough to bother arguing for instance.

Now consider this -
Recently they have seemed to throw balance out the window and go for the quick cash, rather than sticking with the old tried and true method of balancing each dinosaur.
Also they have gone silent on the forums and don’t bother responding to complaints like they were a few months back.
Next the matchmaking was changed so players could battle those in massively different trophy range as a way to cut down wait times. Which is a sign that there were enough players.
Next we had a mass exodus of players (@Hersh as an example) due to all the game issues.

Now, lets say you were running a game right that you knew may be in decline, or even straight up in a death spiral (which as the creator you would know by looking at player volume and income/subscribers), what would you do? continue tweaking the game bit by bit and each feature (IE Dinosaur stats) and fixing old problems (Alliance chat) or would you go for as much money in a short period of time before its too late?

Now don’t get me wrong, I could be completely wrong and I hope I am because Thi game has great potential…but the writing does seem to be on the wall =/


I think its more of an issue of incompetence… even if your right it still shows a level of incompetence that is so bad its just hard to believe… why else wouldnt you bake in monetization options for sanctuaries to boot…

I just cant see a company who messes up atleast one advertisement a week… releases like 1.7… thought alliance rush would be a good idea… took away previous announced premium incubators for the community events and tenotorex… after the backlash from the toronto raptors event came up with the Montreal event. Improved 1.5 spawn mechanics… improved 1.7 match making. Support handing out extra boosts.

I could find more… but the fact is this company see to get more wrong then right especially these days… i often feel like they have an internal fight going on between the devs that day to day job is to maintain and develop this game and the self proclaimed visionary of a ceo (taken from their glass dor reviews).


If you’re in the last arena, EVERYONE in that arena should match instantly.
As for boosted vs non-boosted arena…

Who in their right mind would ever play the boosted arena when the non-boosted would be the de facto “Main arena” that everyone cares about?
That would be a back door boost elimination that we want and Ludia does not.
They aren’t going to do that. LOL
EDIT: You know? I wouldn’t even mind fighting team strengths way above me if I didn’t lose 30 trophies a pop. If it was proportionate I’d be all in.
It’s safe to say and I think everyone can agree match making needs work.


Seems an easy fix, lower the bar for ‘match with anyone above’ from 7000 to 6000. You break into the top arena, you risk fighting anyone above you. Match making should still try, in the first 15 seconds, to find the most fair match but the window of fairness should open up by the end of, say 15 seconds, to anyone in the arena. Hard to do since not everyone a 30 second slots start at the same time but there should be enough players up there that you get a match up most of the time.


I can understand wanting boost arena and non boost arena. But I think its a bad idea too, because I think players have hard enough times finding others. And matchmaking imo, is most likely making a few players leave this game.

Who in the right mind would stay in this environment…It’s stressful. But we do, and they should hear us out.


After looking at the lb, there are only 43 players above 6k. That may have to be lowered to half way through gyro depot - 5750 gives a pool of 223 players. That protects against getting into the depot and then getting absolutely smashed.


The fact that there are only 223 players in Gyro is an eye opener.
I need to look at the leader board more often.
Thanks for the heads up on the state of Gyro.

Imagine playing a game where you spend countless hours playing and spend actual money to reach the top of leaderboard just to not be able to play anymore.


meanwhile, somewhere in aviary…
i have to battle against this perfect match:

well… at least 1 dino finished would be good for daily incubator.

this strenght score matchmaker was released because of the predicted MESS boosts would bring to us.

the solution is so simple, but ludia’s financial area wouldn’t agree: wipe out this messy boosts.



Probably an to difficult algorithm, but…

Ludia can disable boosts in tournament(just like in the next one).

Maybe also possible in regular battles.

Your idea the first 10-15 seconds the “normal” way of matchmaking(finding opponent 200 team strength points above or below u)
After that the range is getting bigger. 300, 400, 500 etc That way we all can find an opponent to battle against(also the top of the leaderboard)
To get a more “fair” batlle create an algorithm that disable(less effective) boosts.
For instance the matchmaking finding an opponent with 250 team strength point above u. Then boosts(all 3) of that opponent will be lowered by 1 tier.

For example between:
200-300 : 1 tier
300-400 : 2 tiers
400-500 : 3 tiers
500-600 : 4 tiers
600-700 : 5 tiers

For example : if opponent has 350 team strength points above me.
His erlido tier 5/5/5 stat boosts will drop down for the battle to tier 3/3/3.
Always an opponent and more “fair” match against someone more then 200 point team strength above u???

That’s the top half of gyro (5750+). Gyro total would be more that 500. I figured it would be bad to have it start as soon as you got into gyro as you’d just be fodder for the upper arena and be knocked right back out.


I think this really shows another level of incompetence… clearly beach needs disabled for the time being whats the point of having an arena only 43 of your players are currently in. What kind of match making do you really expect with 43 people.

Side question do you apex people never get matches against each other or is it just a beach thing? Curious if maybe Ludia put some kind of leaderboard protection into the game in an attempt to prevent ones from doing like the bike did before his ban.

Here here… Today I managed to get 1 battle. AI is fine to fill trophies but I want to fight up my ranking as well.