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The waiting game

It feels like sometimes we the readers have no idea who is coming back or debuting. It is frustrating


Yes, and some of the characters come back for two conversations and then go offline for a while again :disappointed:


This is why I want a Release Schedule/Roadmap,
Even with a Roadmap, we’d still have to wait for our matches to return. But at least with one, we won’t be left in the dark, thinking will they or won’t they return.

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I check often around 10 am-12 pm daily to see if someone comes back or I get a notification. Blake and Seth coming back this week are okay but Sage should come back and I’m longing for Jasmin

That is so beyond annoying. It happened with Rose and Eve and Sage. I agree with @GoodGuyVoodoo we need a darn road map to have something to look forward to


And again it happened Alice came back for a date and a quick chat then offline for family obligations

:arrow_right: :heartpulse:omg that has happened to me and idk :woman_shrugging:t3: Next thing I know after having a few more convos and than even a date with this person and than another convo after the date, a really good conversation actually :star_struck:than once again it says “he’ll be offline/away for a bit or whatever the heck it says whenever your matches suddenly disappear?!?!? :heartpulse:

I think it’s because I was too impatient and bought gems. Now I’m going to take my time, save my gems and my money. Then I can enjoy things better ^^

As much as I am glad to see Eve/Alice and Sage/Vitoria back, I would REALLY like to see some of the other girls come back now

I totally agree it’s about time Jasmin/Kayla, Samantha/Aesha, Angel/Emmalyne, Grace/Clementine come back

I agree with you have two or 3 conversation with them an trying to remember what you talked about the last time lol

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